Your beard is your pride and a very personal statement about who you are. But while beards look rad, an established beard can be itchy, stinky, knotty, and difficult to tame. In the early stages of beard growth, beards can be a straight-up pain in the butt. We’ve often used the term “sand paper face” to describe the sensation you might feel until your beard grows past that awkward stage.

The good news? At Zeus, we believe in being beard strong.

Our line of products is specifically crafted to make growing and maintaining a beard easy and enjoyable. We have formulated our shampoo, conditioner, and beard oils with all-natural ingredients that are paraben free, sulfate free, and never tested on animals. Zeus draws on over a dozen years of experience in the personal care industry and the constant feedback of beard aficionados to create what we feel are the best beard care products on the market.

We are always working on creating effective new products, so check back frequently for the latest from Zeus!

-All of us at Zeus