A gem hidden in downtown Sacramento. Anthony's barbershop prides themselves on providing their customers with the best possible barber haircut and to give you the haircut you actually asked for. Anthony says, "We strike a unique balance between old fashion barbering and modern hair cutting technique." Anthony describes his barbershop with one word " Passion." His story about Anthony's Barbershop is an exact replica of that word. This was a dream come true. He loved what he did and loved the town so he made it happen. Is that not what most business owners do. They make things happen!  This is a barbershop to hangout at, maybe even get a cut. If you don't believe us watch their video below.

1. Where is Anthony's Barbershop located? How long have you been around?

We've be open for 6 years  in downtown Sacramento.

2. What made you decide to open a barbershop in Sacramento?

I moved to Sacramento to go to Barber School.  I fell in love with the city so when it came time to open my own shop Sacramento was my obvious choice. Sacramento not having a shop like I wanted to do helped as well.

3. What makes your barbershop unique to the others in the area?

Something that really makes us unique is our ability to do any hair texture and style. If you want an afro trim, a marine high and tight or an all shear slicked side part we can help you.

4. What do you hope for your customers to walk away with when leaving your barbershop?

I hope they walk away with a good hair cut and a fun experience.

5. Describe Anthony's Barbershop in one word.


Anthony's Barbershop (Midtown Sacramento) from Christopher Santos on Vimeo.

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