Two brothers doing what they love. When we heard the name "Beard Brothers" we were wondering what this might entail hoping it wasn't another beard brand. To our surprise it was an energy bar company founded and created by two bearded brothers which fits PERFECTLY and makes total sense, now. Read more below to see how this brand started. Its not just your average energy bar company!

Where are you located? Austin TX

What is it that you do?

Caleb: We make delicious organic snack foods to fuel active healthy lifestyles.

Chris: Help people change their minds that healthy snack foods can taste good.

When did you realize that this is what you wanted to pursue?

Caleb: When I moved to Austin 4 years ago and realized I no longer wanted to work for somebody else. I also saw a need that we could help fill in the market. There was a severe lack of portable organic healthy foods to fuel active lifestyles. Moving to Austin was pivotal in starting the business; the local market was perfect for launching our energy bars.

Chris: When we didn't find a bar that met the criteria we were looking for: Organic, Gluten & Soy Free, Vegan, No Sugar added and highly important: Independently Owned.

Describe a few steps you took to make this happen.

Caleb: We launched the business on Kickstarter and raised $5,000 from friends and family. I personally sold some camera gear I no longer used and cashed in a small 401K from my previous job to help fund the business.

Chris: The initial steps were coming up with the main flavors to launch, then branding, and finally the big leap of moving forward with Kickstarter. While most people think that’s an easy thing to do since there isn’t much risk (no funding, nothing lost), but it felt risky putting yourself out there, in fear that it might not work out and I’d be considered a failure. But some of the greatest things in my life have involved huge risk, sacrifice, and vulnerability, and Bearded Brothers has been one of them.

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What are some of your accomplishments as a beard grower?

Caleb: Last year I grew my beard for charity. By the end of the event I had about 8 months of growth – it as the longest my beard has ever been, and probably ever will be. During the event I had friends and family sponsor my beard growth to help raise money for the adoption of a child from Asia for some old college friends of mine.

Chris: I became a man.

What do you believe makes a quality beard?

Caleb: Hair on the face. Every beard is beautiful.

Chris: They all have their uniqueness and I appreciate the great variety of thickness, color, length, texture, and shape within the beard community. But what makes it a top-notch quality beard is the grooming and care of it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Caleb: My faith in God, and desire to help people in the world. The way I feel Bearded Brothers is helping people is through inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life more fully. I also get a lot of inspiration from other entrepreneurs and hearing about their success AND failures.

Chris: Inspiration comes from all over in my opinion.From a good book, dinner with friends, quiet times of praying, brainstorming sessions, and hiking in nature. As you can see, none of them involve a smartphone, put it down and enjoy the beauty around you and connect with those close to you. Also, I keep getting inspired when I meet people who tell us how much they like our bars. It keeps me motivated and makes me realize we are doing our part to keep people healthy while protecting the planet with organic ingredients and compostable packaging.

What advice do you have for aspiring beard?

Caleb: Just let it grow. I hear a lot of guys my age (35) say they can’t grow a beard, but they probably haven’t even tried since they were 20 either. As you age beard growth improves. Just because you couldn’t grow a beard 3 years ago doesn’t mean you can’t get a full looking beard, today. Besides, every beard is beautiful.

Chris: Trust me, beards grow on you. Honestly,if you like it and if your spouse likes it, grow it. Also, don’t let a job tell you to be clean shaven, it’s not ethical and appropriate. I would walk away from a job if they demanded me to shave.

Did you ever think you would be where you are today?

Caleb: Yes and no. I think I always knew in my heart I wanted to work for myself and run my own business, but fear kept me from that. The comfort of working a 9-5 with little responsibility, paid vacations, and insurance was just too comfortable. It wasn’t until I hit a breaking point of discomfort with my career path that I made the leap into entrepreneurship.

Chris: Yes, and I have so much more to achieve. I have always had a strong work ethic. I like to work, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel good to provide. I think if you work hard and smart in the area you are passionate and gifted in, it will pay off and you will sleep well at the end of the day.

Where can readers find out more about you?

@beardedbros (Instagram and Twitter)

You can also find us around ATX in coffee shops, health food stores, at the park

with our families, rock climbing walls, running trails and disc golf courses. Please say hi to

us, we are normal dudes who like to meet fans of the Bearded Bros.

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