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While sitting here and brainstorming an awesome intro to this blog post about Trig finally made us realize. What are we doing! This guy! oh man! Trig has been with Zeus from Day 1! The first photoshoot we ever did with him was as if we have been friends with Trig for years! A legit friend and beard grower who loves a good hangout and works hard at everything. I am going to have you read more below to find out who Trig really is...

Where are you located?

I am located in Los Angels, CA. But I was raised in the amazing city that is Boston, MA. I always have to throw that in there because my heart beats for that city, my family, friends and all the people that live there. I love it out here in California, amazing times and people but Boston will always be home.

What is it that you do?

Street Artist | Life Artist: One of my loves has always been my artwork. I'm not talented, I couldn't sit there and draw you a bowl of fruit but damned if I couldn't throw some paint at an 8 ft canvas and have the time of my life doing it. Then practicing traveling, living and continuously evolving as a person while being nice along the way.

When did you realize that this is what you wanted to pursue? 

I've always been shy when it comes to having my picture taken. It comes from growing up and we didn't have money for a camera so there are legit about 20 photos of me as a child. Now when I look in the mirror, I feel that after 32 years I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. There's more of a story in my expressions and life lived.

Describe a few steps you took to make this happen.

Honestly, being kind. I feel that it's way easier in this life to be easy and smile. I treat everyone that I'm lucky enough to work with, with the utmost respect. Then hard work and reaching out, most likely if you sit there it's not going to just come to you. Everything I've ever had I've worked very hard for. Recently it's all been paying off and I can't wait to see what's next!

What are some of your accomplishments as a beard grower?

Man, accomplishments? I'd have to say saving all that money not having to buy razors!! Having a pretty solid beard is that an accomplishment? But seriously, working with some extremely talented people and in turn them becoming my friends. These are people whom I text and talk with daily and it still blows me away that they are friends of mine when I think so highly and look up to them.

What do you believe makes a quality beard?

Whether it's a starter beard or a massive beard, it's how you take care of it. Use Zeus (plug plug) and don't brush it too much, maybe once a day. And don't shave your neck!! Guys if anything don't shave your neck, it's where the body of the beard comes from and the fullness! Then after that just own it. Hell yeah you have a massive beard and be proud of it!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

All of the other alternative bearded models out there!  It's such a great little community that is out there. I'm really happy that I get to be a part of it and contribute. It's funny we are always so happy for one another and all we want is to see us all do well!

What advice do you have for aspiring beard growers?

Keep growing. Wake up early when it's colder so your body is stimulated and needs to grow hair to protect itself. It's very primal.

Did you ever think you would be where you are today?

Not at all. Funny thing is I modeled when I was younger around 17-18 and then took 15 years off. I've never been prouder of the work I've done. I've been lucky that I've kinda stumbled into this again. Since January (2014) I've really committed myself to putting out quality work and working with companies that I'm interested in and can invest myself into. I may not work much but the work I do speaks for itself.

Where can readers find out more about you?

You can find me hanging around the streets of LA. If you see me stop and say hi, I'm a talker.

Instragam: @trig_perez





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