Best of the Web: Beard and Moustache News (9/26/18)

Beards were a hot topic on the web this week. First were some wins, like employees at Publix grocery stores and pilots flying for Air Canada now allowed to sport beards at work.

On the other hand, you likely won't be seeing much of Alex Trebek's beard anymore while he's hosting for Jeopardy. We're sad to see it go, but the popular host recently shaved it all off.

Here at Zeus Beard, we want to deliver you the best beard news. Keep reading to find out about this week's top facial hair stories.

Alex Tre-beard is once again just Alex Trebek.

It's a sad week for Jeopardy fans who supported the new beard Alex Trebek started rocking at the beginning of the 35th season this year.

Zeus Beard shares best of the web and Alex Trebek

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However, one person is definitely happy to see the new "Alex Tre-beard" go back to just plain ol' Alex Trebek: his wife Jean.

Trebek posted a video to Twitter explaining the situation. In it he said:

"Sorry to have to tell you folks, but voting is now closed. And we've determined that the winner wife Jean. She voted for me to be clean-shaven, and so, that's it," Trebek said, shaving off what was left of his facial hair.

Prior to the tweet, Jeopardy fans were invited to vote online on whether the beard stayed or not.

However, as fans saw his facial hair quickly dwindle from beard, to goatee, to mustache as the episodes progressed, it's no surprise his wife got the final say. With her meaningful input, he'll likely be sporting the clean-shaven look for good.

Publix started allowing employees to sport beards.

Zeus Beard shares best of the web featuring Alex Trebek

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In a win for Publix grocery store employees, male employees are now allowed to rock a beard at work without losing their job. The decision comes after decades of banned beards in the store locations.

Zeus Beard shares best of the web featuring Alex Trebek

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Starting September 29, the new rule will go into effect in all of their 1,231 stores.

The change comes three years after a petition was first circulated by Publix employees. Originally, it called for facial hair acceptance beyond traditional mustaches.

The petition received over 20,000 signatures.

After testing out beards at some of their locations, Publix ultimately decided to let the people win. They recently determined that male associates could have a beard as long as it "maintains a neat, clean and professional appearance."

"Publix continuously evaluates our policies and standards and strives to have practices in place that best support the needs and wants of our customers and associates," Publix spokeswoman Nicole Kreauss told WPTV in an emailed statement.


A scientific study showed beards don't impede pilot safety.

Zeus Beard shares best of the web with Alex Trebek

Photo via Instagram / @aircanada

Scientists from Simon Fraser University in Canada recently conducted a study to see if longer beards made oxygen safety masks less effective. Despite a pilot having a long beard, the results determined today's safety technology still offers adequate protection.

Zeus Beard shares best of the web and Alex Trebek

Photo via Instagram / @aircanada

In the fall of 2016, participants sporting every style from stubble to Gandalf beards, underwent a flight simulation. It mimicked being 10,000 to 25,000 feet above sea level.

Scientists studied blood oxygen saturation levels and smoke inhalation with two of Air Canada's oxygen masks.

Not even one participant failed the test, according to CBC.

This new evidence dismisses the previously held belief that pilots needed to remain clean-shaven to ensure their oxygen masks seal properly in an emergency.

With the new information in mind, Air Canada extended their beard restrictions. Now, pilots can sport a beard up to 1.25 cm.

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Zeus Beard shares best of the web with Alex Trebek

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