Welcome to this week’s edition of Best of the Web! Now that most folks are in holiday mode, the decorating has begun – and we’re not just talking around the house. Guys and gals are adorning their beards – and even armpit hair (!) – with glitter to festive, Instagram-friendly results.

If bedazzling your beard is not your thing, there’s still a lot you should be doing to your face forest come winter. We’ve got a guide to how to change up your skincare for colder temps, as well as some beardspiration via Washington’s historical political beards.

If that’s not enough beard for your week, meet us at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery this Saturday, December 12th, where we will be attending the opening of artist Trace Mendoza’s exhibit devoted to the ultimate holiday beard – Santa Claus. More details below!

Beard On!

The Zeus Team

Now guys aren’t the only ones who get to participate in Decembeard. Lady beards are taking Instagram by storm. (OK! UK)

Another lady trend that sprung out of a beard trend – the glitter pit, the lady’s version of the glitter beard. (Standard UK)

What do you do with your ‘stache now that Movember is over? Here, a guide – to keeping, growing, or just plain doing away with it. (GQ)

There’s a lot of internet chatter about Paul Ryan’s beard/scruff, but political beards are nothing new. Here, an ode to Washington’s political beards. (Politico)

To keep your beard healthy, you have to start with the skin underneath. GQ breaks it down to 5 grooming upgrades you should make before winter hits. (GQ)

Got plans this weekend? Zeus will be at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery this Saturday, December 7th, for the opening of the Always Lurking exhibit by Trace Mendoza. (Daniel Rolnik Gallery)


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