Photographs by Guillaume Landry

We love catching up with creatives we’ve interviewed over the years and learning how they’ve evolved and made names for themselves. One of the first bearded creatives we profiled was Franck Trozzo-Kazagui, a Parisian photographer and inline skate shop manager whom we met through a mutual friend. Three years later, Trozzo-Kazagui is a film director for fashion editorials, documentaries, and music videos. His modern, sleek videos even caught the eye of industry-revered online lifestyle publication Highsnobiety, whose editors contracted him for regular films.

We recently caught up with Trozzo-Kazagui to talk about his new creative direction, how he fits photography into his busy production schedule, and plans for a brief Los Angeles invasion.

Where are you currently located?

In Paris shooting a music video and an advertising campaign I wrote, managed, and realized from A to Z with my  team.

The last time we spoke you were a customer and team manager at an inline skate shop, and you were doing photography in your spare time. Are you still involved with the inline skate community? And how much photography are you fitting in now that you’re focusing on films?

Yes, I am still involved with the inline skate community, but more in the shadows. I give advice here and there to some future pro skaters, like Stan Kogutyak.

Photography will always have an important role in my life. I am in negotiations with an art gallery based in Lisbon, which wishes to have me as a resident and turn some of my pictures into an online book recounting my journeys through Europe, Asia, and the US in collaboration with my friend, director Jules Renault, and a photography project for 3 years now in association with Guillaume Landry.

What led you to directing and cinematography?

While I was filming and managing for brands in the inline skate industry, the fashion and music universe fascinated me. Then, little by little, I began to create lookbook videos for friends and news of my videos spread by word of mouth. That helped lead me to where I am today. I have contracts with Highsnobiety, as well as other brands.

Which film(s) are you the most proud of so far?

DEAD BODY and HELLO YOUTH at the moment of writing this. With these two movies I wanted to step up my work and vision.

I have just spent 4 months writing 3 short fashion films which will be partially produced by Ocurens (Valentit Petit and Germain Robin). There was a lot of research during the writing process but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by the result. Moreover, one of the movies will be supported & promoted by Highsnobiety.

Which photographers and/or filmmakers inspire you?

I am able to work and exchange ideas with the artists who inspire me, but if I had to give one filmmaker’s name with whom I would really like to realize a project one day, I would say: Sébastien Zanella from DSL.

What is a typical day like?

Cup of tea, meetings with brands or artists, draft storyboards for various production companies, and check approximately a hundred movies on Vimeo.

Who/what influenced you to grow a beard? How long have you had a beard for?

I don’t know, I think that it came naturally to me 12 years ago.

Do you have any tips for beard growers?

When I had a bigger beard I put on some oil and moisturizing balm.

What is your greatest fear and have you conquered it?

In the past I would certainly have answered myself (haha). I put a lot of pressure on myself, but today, having a team behind me has changed this. NO MORE STRESS (haha).

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Certainly between Paris and Los Angeles. I am going to spend a few months in Los Angeles starting at the end of this November at my friends Fabrice Guyont and Paul Desmarre’s places.

Quick Answers

Right now, I’m obsessed with:

Taking advantage of life and the present moment. A few months ago someone special to me committed suicide. It was then that I realized it’s important to be there for the people whom you love. Sometimes just a smile, call, or “I love you” can change many things, trust me.

The first website I log onto every morning is:


My favorite Instagram account to follow is:

Daniel Arsham

I’d love to visit:


If I wasn’t doing this job, I would:

Probably be a musician, but a beatmaker who creates content for others. (we always circle back to the point haha).

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