Left to Right: Bryce Paul and Drew

As a band that has been featured on MTV’s The Real World as well as over 200 radio stations, IVES delivers the kind of music destined for the Billboard charts. But the band’s music is far more than just catchy pop rock – it’s the means by which they deliver modern-day storytelling. The tracklist to their debut album, The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch, plays out like a folk tale plot line. The album begins with pop-driven melodies like “The Joker” and "The Hero," then slowly descends into darker territory, like the melancholic, acoustic “The Lonely One.”

Helmed by brothers Bryce Paul and Drew Newman, IVES is directly influenced by the brothers’ Southern California upbringing skateboarding, surfing, and going to punk rock shows. They've also become increasingly fascinated with the Southwestern landscape and culture of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In preparation for their second album, called the Rio Grande Project, the guys are recording at Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a move that will undoubtedly inspire new stories to be told.

We caught up with the duo to talk about what to expect from the Rio Grande Project, how it’s like to work with your brother on a daily basis, and the benefits of coffee for beards.


Where are you currently located?

Bryce Paul: We split our time between Nashville, Albuquerque, & Malibu, CA. We love a good change of scenery, but California will always be home for us.

What is your occupation?

Rock ‘n’ roll band.

How is it working with your brother on a constant basis? Do you ever get into disagreements?

BP: It’s a blast getting to work with your brother/best friend every day. We really used to butt heads a lot growing up (sorry Mom). But once we got older, playing music together really eliminated that.

On your band page you say, “Music is meant to inspire others to be proactive.” What do you mean by that?

Drew: Music is powerful and it can challenge you, whether it be physically, mentally, or even spiritually. Music without meaning is just white noise.


How would you describe your sound?

BP: Eclectic pop rock.

You two went to Albuquerque to record your second album. What drew you there?

D: We’ve always been fascinated with the Southwest and Albuquerque, NM has become a second home for us over the years. We connected with our producer, Kenny Riley, and have happily built our official recording studio, Rio Grande Studios, there in Albuquerque.

What can fans expect from your second album? Has the change of location influenced your sound?

D: It definitely has had an influence on our sound. Expect a balance of gritty guitars, big drums, driving bass, and catchy melodies.

Where do you get inspiration from?

BP: We surf, ride motorcycles, listen to a very wide spectrum of music–all of these things can be sources of inspiration in their own way.


What is one interesting thing about yourself?

BP: We love horror films.

Who/what influenced you to grow a beard? How long have you had a beard?

BP: I'm really not sure who or what influenced me, but ever since I was little I wanted a beard and as soon as I could grow one, I did. I've now had a beard for about a decade.

D: I got jealous of Bryce’s beard and decided to try it for myself...haven’t shaved since!

Do you have any tips for beard growers?

BP: Never give up, never surrender!

D: Coffee supports healthy beard growth, I swear!

What is your greatest fear and have you conquered it?

D: We’re not really the phobic types but we are definitely adrenaline junkies and often we’ll push each other to do the things that may initially scare us! Nothing like a little good ol’ fashioned brother-to-brother peer pressure!

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

BP: Performing in a city near you!


Quick Answers

Right now, I’m obsessed with:


The first website I log onto every morning is:

Most likely the ‘gram.

My favorite Instagram to follow is:


I’d love to visit:

Every taco truck in the world.

If I wasn’t doing this job, I would:

(Bryce Paul) wish that I was.


Follow Bryce Paul Newman on Instagram @brycepaul and Drew Newman @thedrewnewman. Learn more about IVES at


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