8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys with Beards

Oh no! Halloween is fast approaching and all the costume ideas you have require you to beardless. Don’t worry guys, you can go ahead and put down that razer. Little did you know that having a beard gives you a built in costume prop! Keep on reading to find 8 costumes that you and your beard could rock this year.

Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Starting off strong (literally) with one of our favorites. All you need is some big leather belts, a big swords, some extra guyliner and a couple strips of paint and you got yourself a kick-butt Halloween costume. Extra points if you have enough hair to also rock that ponytail. Grab yourself a Khaleesi and you’ve achieved perfection.

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Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

If you want to test your sea legs, than Captain Jack Sparrow is the right costume for you. Grab some beard mustache wax, braid your beard with little beads, throw on some eyeliner and call it a day. Hot Tip: No one will blink an eye if you carry around a bottle of rum for the perfect accessory *cough cough*

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Bob Ross from Joy of Painting

Want a costume that will never go out of style? You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite painter, Bob Ross. This is the perfect costumes for guys rocking the curly hair and curly beard. Get your artist on, grab a paintbrush and start making those “happy little trees”. Remember, there are no such thing as mistakes only, “happy accidents”.

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T’challa from Black Panther

One of the best actors, tragically gone too soon. What better way to honor the one and only Black Panther, by being Chadwick Boseman for Halloween?  Arguably the best Marvel character, no superhero is cooler than him in our book. If you have the hair and beard to pull it off, we insist that you embody him for Halloween. Make sure you step out smelling good though, Black Panther would never be caught musty.

Wolverine from X-Men

For the man who wants to go all out for Halloween. If you don’t already have mutton chops, this costumes going to take bit of commitment and some trimmers. Aside from that, I find that some hair pomade, a white ribbed tank, some biker gloves and some painted popsicle sticks cosplaying as blades work very well.

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Hagrid from Harry Potter

This ones for my big dudes. If you have the stature and the follicles to pull it off, you owe to harry potter fans everywhere to go as Hagrid this Halloween. Put together some brown clothes and eat as much as you want all night. What? The big belly is a part of the costume.

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Lettie Lutz from The Greatest Showman

This has got to be our personal favorite when it comes to bearded costumes. While everyone else is busy being the typical macho man on Halloween, you’ll be sure to stand out. Let everyone know that you’re secure in your masculinity by going as the lovely Bearded Lady. This costume is easy enough to put together. All you need is a dress that fits you and your girlfriends makeup.

Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) from Cast Away

The easiest costume to put together is one that doesn’t require clothes. If feral man is what you’re going for, this is the costume for you. Going as Chuck Noland aka Tom Hanks on Halloween only requires to make your hair and beard as grizzly a possible while smearing some dirt on yourself. To really cement this look, carry around your best pal Wilson.