BEARD QUIZ: What Kind of Comb Should You Be Using for your Beard?

Looking for a Zeus comb that fits your personality and personal interests? Whether you've been growing out your beard over this past year or your resolution was to trim it short and keep it meticulously groomed, Zeus has the perfect comb to suit to your unique taste. To find out which Zeus Beard comb fits you best, take our beard quiz below. To learn more beard tips and information about upcoming Zeus Beard promotions, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter


Mostly A's: You're Sophisticated --- You Need the 2-in1 Beard & Mustache Comb

If you answered Mostly A's in the beard quiz above, you likely love sipping on a glass of whiskey with man's best friend by your side. You find life's simple pleasures to be most satisfying and you're easy to please. That's why the versatile combination beard and mustache comb is perfect for you. It's the ultimate in convenience for facial hair grooming, and an effortless, no-fuss option for you. You're not really the type to obsess over your grooming style simply because you don't need to. You've been blessed with good looks and charm, so enjoy this hand-polished comb, renowned for smooth navigation through that mane of yours.


Mostly B's: Beachy Keen >> Handcrafted Beard-Afro Pick

If you answered Mostly B's in the beard quiz above, you can appreciate the feeling of the sand beneath your feet, an epic sunrise, and a bomb breakfast burrito after your morning surf. That's why we think the Zeus Beard Pick is ideal to keep you looking your best even amidst ocean air and warm sun rays. Handcrafted from plant based cellulose acetate, this pick is naturally anti-static to prevent frizz and breakage. Its wide set teeth are 1.7" to untangle deep knots without pulling. It's perfect for everyday adventures when you want a light weight companion to keep up your looks and travel wherever you go.


Mostly C's: You Need the Stainless Steel Pocket Size Comb

If you answered Mostly C's in the beard quiz above, you easily would have been voted most likely to rock a mohawk by your peers. Your eccentric and extroverted personality requires a gossip-worthy comb to match, and this stainless steel comb is definitely up for the challenge. It's ultra-durable so when you're out exploring the world and getting lost in adventure, this comb will remain intact. Beautifully laser-cut from stainless steel with edgy thunderbolts, this comb promises you'll maintain a fierce beard wherever, whenever.

Mostly D's: Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb

You're an introverted, to yourself kind of guy. You have an appreciation for the art of slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life. People know you as an intellect and someone who appreciates deep conversations. Whether you're in touch with nature and eat only organic home-prepared foods, or you're more prone to Postmates your favorite pizza late at night, there's one thing that's for certain: you enjoy your alone time and find comfort in the quiet moments. You likely would opt for black out curtains to snooze a little longer instead of allowing the bright sun to cascade morning rays into your room. That's why our Sandalwood pocket size comb is the perfect tool to keep you company.  A smooth, hand-polished body accentuates the natural wood grain that runs through the comb. In your hand, you'll feel a perfect balance of heft and lightness. And, beneath your nose, a calming woodsy fragrance is emitted from the organic sandalwood. This natural comb matches your authentic personality. And similarly to your introverted ways, the genuine leather sheath is the perfect place for this comb to hideout and stay protected from any unwelcome elements.


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