Beard Quiz: Which Zeus Beard Scents Best Suit Your Personality?

Looking for a Zeus beard scent that highlights your personal lifestyle? Maybe you're the bearded bro who's always on the beach before the sun's up to catch the best surf. Or, you could be the guy often caught head-banging his massive beard at late night punk shows.

Whatever the case, Zeus has beard oil scents suited to your unique personality. To find out which Zeus Beard scents fit you best, take our beard quiz below.

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Beard Quiz: Which Zeus Beard scents best suit your personality?

Jot down your answers to our beard quiz below and scroll to the bottom for your results!

Question 1: What's your version of an ideal night?

Zeus Beard shares beard quiz
A. hanging out at a beach bonfire

B. staring up at the stars from your campsite

C. head-banging at a late night punk show

D. a quiet night in catching up on some sleep

Zeus Beard shares beard quiz

Question 2: What's your typical go-to scent?

A. something refreshing

B. something spicy

C. something sweet

D. something subtle

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Question 3: What's your biggest beard concern?

A. dry hair and skin

B. environmental elements

C. sweat and smells

D. acne and sensitive skin

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Question 4: What's your ideal vacation?

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A. Surfing and snorkeling on a tropical island

B. Hiking in the mountains

C. Attending a music festival in the city

D. Having a staycation at a local hot spot

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Question 5: What's your favorite sport?

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A. Surfing and skateboarding

B. Baseball and football

C. Dirt biking

D. Golfing

Question 6: What's your go-to style?

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A. Board shorts and sandals

B. Levis and boots

C. Your favorite band tee

D. A comfortable flannel

Zeus Beard shares beard quiz

Question 7: What's your favorite food?

A. surf and turf


C. maple pancakes

D. baked chicken

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Zeus Beard shares beard quiz
When it comes to Zeus beard oils, health and beard appearance always take the forefront.

With ingredients that account for sensitive skin like Safflower Seed Oil, Argan Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil, Zeus beard oils help your beard stay soft and shiny without adding any extra damage.

As an added bonus, Zeus beard oils don't just come in one standard scent.

Tailored to your preferences, Zeus beard oils are offered in eight signature scents: Verbena Lime, Sandalwood, Woodsy, Italian Cypress, Vanilla Rum, Spiced Maple, Tea Tree and Unscented.

Ready to find out which Zeus Beard scents are perfect for your personality? Check out your beard quiz results below:

Mostly A's: Verbena Lime and Sandalwood

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Instagram / @leetwelftree

If you answered Mostly A's in the beard quiz above, you're likely a bearded bro who loves waves, a good sunset and sticking your toes in the sand whenever you can.

Verbena Lime is the ideal scent to get you moving in the morning, perfect for catching the surf before the sun is up. Its citrus tones are bright and invigorating while still offering a manly flavor.

Take it from Zeus ambassador Lee Twelftree. "I love, love, love Verbena Lime! It's so fresh and great for everyday use. It wakes you up and is good for summertime."

If you're more of a nighttime beach-goer, Sandalwood offers a creamy yet smokey scent that will have you reminiscing about your favorite beach bonfire. While Verbena Lime is more margarita on a tropical beach, Sandalwood captures the essence of warm sand, salty ocean air and calming waves.

Mostly B's: Woodsy and Italian Cypress

Instagram / @victorios__secret
Zeus Beard shares beard quiz

If you answered Mostly B's in the beard quiz above, you're likely a guy who appreciates the manliness and respect a beard offers. Your free time is likely spent on your latest hiking or camping adventure in the woods, showing off your survival skills and taking in the beauty of the trees and a night sky filled with stars.

Woodsy encapsulates forest smells, transporting you to your favorite campsite or windy mountain road. While similar to Sandalwood, Woodsy kicks its spicy tones up a notch from comforting relaxation to a search for a little more outdoor adventure.

On the other hand, Italian Cypress captures some of the scents you can only fully appreciate out in nature like mint, earthy basil and sweet citrus. Its smells will give you that feeling of walking down your favorite hiking trail surrounded by the comfort of the tall trees.

Mostly C's: Vanilla Rum and Spiced Maple

Instagram / @trchamberlin

Zeus Beard shares beard quiz

 If you answered Mostly C's in the beard quiz above, you're likely a man who likes to live life on the wild side. You're all about extreme sports in the daytime, head-banging at late night punk shows and crawling into your favorite after-hours breakfast stop to keep the night going into the early morning.

Vanilla Rum offers the perfect blend of sweet and bold, easily standing up to sweat and late night concert smells. As Zeus ambassador Blasko puts it, "It's a truly reliable balm and oil for all you pirates and villains out there!" So whatever mischief the night brings you, you know you'll still smell fresh into the morning.

And, when the night turns to day, Spiced Maple presents a reassuring comfort smell that offers the perfect wind-down to a crazy night. As Zeus ambassador Tristan Chamberlain recalls, "It smells like rum and maple syrup, giving you flashbacks to late night punk shows and early breakfast."

Mostly D's: Tea Tree and Unscented

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If you answered Mostly D's in the beard quiz above, you're likely a man who prefers a quiet night at home over a crazy adventure. Out of your friends, you're probably known as the sensible one, and their bearded buddy who seeks out comfort and peace at all times. Straightforward business is more your style.

You're likely to gravitate to Tea Tree because of its known health benefits. If you start your week struggling with clogged sinuses or unwanted acne around your beard, you know Tea Tree will soothe away your discomfort and restore your good mood.

Or, you may be more likely to go for the Unscented option and keep things as classic and natural as possible. After all, beard oil is designed for its health benefits and you're the type of guy who doesn't need to fuss around with all the extra scents because you're here for the raw results.

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