Halloween Move Aside, It's Time For 'No Shave November'

The end of October marks the spookiest night of the year with plenty of sweet treats for mini ghosts and ghouls. However, if you're a little too old to go door-to-door asking for candy on Halloween, fear not, November brings some treats of its own.

Here at Zeus Beard, the beginning of November marks our favorite time of year, "No Shave November."

While the transformations during the eleventh month don't include face paint or masks, they do signify the development of some glorious mustaches and beards. However, growing out your flowing facial hair shouldn't be your sole focus in the upcoming month.

Moreover, there's an underlying factor that leads to the perfect beard: sustaining men's health. So, this month, we'll definitely be showcasing some great beards. But more importantly, we'll explain how the men behind them took care of their bodies to get there.

Throughout the month, stay tuned for tips from Zeus Ambassadors with the burliest beards to helpful information on men's health and even the possibility of some beard care giveaways.

To get you started for "No Shave November," here's how to grow facial hair.

Zeus Beard shares how to grow facial hair

Photo via Instagram / @sfwillieb

While it's our goal to build your beard knowledge repertoire throughout November, we know you're probably already anxious to get going. After all, part of the fun of "No Shave November" is growing out the best beard among your friends or co-workers.

Without further ado, here are three tips to kickstart your beard growth:


"No Shave November" may only be one month long but that doesn't mean you should expect to go from peach fuzz to Gandalf in 30 short days. While it's tempting to continue comparing yourselves to the men around you who seem to spring up beards overnight, don't be so hard on yourself. Instead, make the next month about your personal beard growth journey.

Most hair experts estimate that beards can grow around a half inch a month on average. So, if you're planning on boasting a super long look, it may take until next "No Shave November" to achieve your desired results.


Thankfully, eating healthy doesn't mean just gnawing on a piece of lettuce daily. You can easily achieve a balanced diet with an array of tasty foods.

For healthy foods good for beard growth, check out this list.


The hair you're dealing with is on your chin instead of the top of your head. However, this doesn't mean you should neglect it when it comes to products. Like the hair on your head, it needs love too. And, no we don't mean slapping on one of those 5-in 1 shampoo, conditioner, body wash, car degreaser, shoe polish creams.

Whether you're growing a new beard or expanding your collection, the most bang for your buck and your beard comes with buying a beard set. The Zeus Beard Ultimate set has everything from scissors and grooming tools to shower products and beard balm and oil.

Stay tuned for more "No Shave November" tips and treats throughout the month!

Zeus Beard shares how to grow facial hair