If you’re reading this, you either already have a beard or are considering going the beardsman route. Regular followers of this blog know that beards do require some adjusting to as well as regular upkeep, but are they worth it? Hell yeah.

Today we’re thrilled to hand it over to Harry from Beardsmen UK, one of our fine retailers in England, to run down 15 awesome benefits of having a beard.



Beards are darn awesome - c’mon, we know that just from looking at them.

However, they might actually be helping you out more than you first thought in all aspects of life. For instance, a beard improves you health in a number of ways, including blocking out harmful UV radiation that can cause cancer as well as airborne bacteria that can harm those with breathing difficulties.

In fact, it could be doing your career a favour, too. Several studies have shown that having a beard actually improves job performance and corresponding sales. Not only that, but bearded men are also perceived as being more trustworthy, attractive, and masculine. Not bad for a first impression, ey?

Just make sure to keep that beard properly in check with a daily dose of beard oil. Beards are awesome, but you can’t neglect them! Your beard is doing you a favour, so treat it once in awhile. Check out the full list of 15 beard benefits in the infographic below.

- Harry