The world of beard care can quickly get confusing. Beyond beard oil lies a huge range of grooming tools, and it’s not always clear which one you should use. We get questions about boar bristle brushes vs. combs almost daily.

Here’s what you need to know: in addition to a beard oil and a comb, a boar bristle brush is one of the most important tools to have at your disposal. Keep reading to learn why.

Encourages hair growth

With sturdy bristles, a boar bristle brush massages your skin, encouraging blood flow and the distribution of nutrients vital to hair growth. Faster distribution of nutrients also means faster beard growth. Because the composition of boar hair is similar to that of our own hair, a boar hair brush does not irritate skin or hair.

Discourages ingrown hairs

This goes back to the sturdiness of boar bristles. With regular use, a boar bristle brush can unclog pores (via exfoliation of dead skin cells) and discourage ingrown hairs from forming. It can also loosen current ingrown hairs.

If ingrown hairs are a problem for you because you have particularly curly and/or thick hair, pick up a boar bristle brush and get into the routine of daily brushing, making sure to get down into the skin underneath.

Conditions hair

A major difference between boar bristle brushes and combs: boar bristle brushes are far better at carrying your skin’s natural oils (sebum) and distributing them throughout your beard.

Why is this important? Your skin makes a finite amount of sebum every day. This sebum nourishes your skin and beard. Beyond a certain beard length, you won’t produce enough sebum to make it all the way down your beard hairs. This is why you’ll frequently see medium to long beards that look frizzy, dry, and brittle.

A boar bristle brush counteracts this dryness, adding moisture and increasing hair strength.

Balances oil production

Boar bristle brushes are suitable for all hair types.

If your beard is extra dry, load up with beard oil and balm first before using a boar bristle brush. Use the brush to work the products thoroughly into every level of your beard, from root to tip.

If you have oily hair, a boar bristle brush distributes extra oil through the length of the hair, so your roots aren’t weighed down with oil.

A bonus benefit? Natural shine, making your beard look healthier.

Trains wayward hairs

The idea of a mountain man beard is attractive to many beardsmen, but if you were to actually let your beard grow completely unmanaged and untrimmed, it would start resembling tumbleweed. As you grow your beard, you’ll notice small hairs sticking out at the sides, or patches of hair that grow in the opposite direction of the rest of your beard. All in all, this is not an attractive look.

The truth is that you have to put in work for an epic beard. A beard brush trains your beard hair (and moustache) to grow in the direction you want. Make the training process even more effective by using beard balm, which offers light hold to keep your desired style in place for the day.

Tip: Those of you who have curly, thick, or kinky hair can use a beard brush to gently straighten beard hair. It’s not a miracle worker, but the brush will loosen beard curls and untangle hairs for a smoother finish. Your hairs will lie flat and your beard will appear fuller and healthier.

Prevents hair from breaking and decreases frizz

Without brushing, sebum just sits on your face, clogging pores and weighing hair down. But distribute your natural oils through your beard with a beard brush and you’ll seal split ends and smooth frizz while improving elasticity.

Your skin’s natural oils act as a sealant for your hair. And those natural oils will also tame flyaways so your beard looks tidier.

Cleans your beard

Your dinner date doesn’t want to smell – or see – pieces of your morning bagel in your beard. Brushing your beard removes any dirt, dust, and food you’ve accumulated over the course of the day. A boar bristle brush can cover all the spots in your beard, including areas you might have missed if you only used your fingers or a comb.

Because it’s an effective way of cleaning your beard, daily use means you can cut down on how often you shampoo. After all, excessive washing can dry out your beard.


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