Whether you were gifted a Zeus Beard care set or recently purchased a couple of beard products as a treat for yourself, you’re probably wondering which product to use and in what order.

While each Zeus product functions well on its own, it’s when you put the pieces together in the right order that the magic happens (ie. freedom from beard itch, manifesting a godly beard, etc.).

Ready for your daily beard care routine? Take notes.

Zeus beard care conditioner



Start your day with a clean slate. Our beard shampoo removes impurities while keeping your beard and the skin underneath irritation-free. Stay away from soaps and facial cleansers, since these can dry out facial hair (especially if they contain sulfates or alcohol).


Follow up with conditioner, which will restore moisture while calming skin. Our beard conditioner also contains ingredients like Green Tea and Pro-Vitamin B5 to provide an antioxidant barrier as you head outdoors, or wherever your adventures might take you.

Zeus beard care oil

Apply beard oil

The act of cleaning your beard, daily wear and tear, and the wicking away of sebum (oil) from your face by facial hair can lead to a brittle beard. Replenish natural oils with beard oil, which is designed to prevent dryness and itchiness by moisturizing both skin and beard.

Work it into your beard using your fingertips while using a comb or a brush to evenly distribute the oils.


Apply beard balm as necessary

Apply beard balm if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

    1. Your beard is particularly dry/brittle

    1. Your beard has a fair amount of flyaways or strays

    1. Your beard needs a little extra shaping to keep it in good form

Put a small amount of the balm onto your palm, rub your hands together, and massage into your beard and skin.


Brush your beard

We recommend daily beard brushing as this will stimulate natural oil production as well as distribute beard oil and beard balm through your beard. Always brush your beard at the very end of your beard care routine.

During the day

Reapply the beard oil and/or balm as necessary

Beard balm tends to lose its hold after a few hours, and beard oil touch-ups help keep your hair and skin moisturized throughout the day.

Typically you can use less beard oil and balm during touch ups than the initial application.


Repeat the above steps, keeping the following in mind:

Apply your beard oil and beard balm right out of the shower. While using beard balm during the daytime is ultimately up to you, if your beard hair tends to be on the drier side, we highly recommend applying beard balm at night.

Right after a shower, your pores are more open and your skin will more readily absorb anything you put on it. So applying beard oil followed by beard balm will lock in hydration, creating an intense deep conditioning treatment that will keep working overnight as you sleep. Trust us – you’ll wake up with an irresistibly soft, strong beard.


Every week or two

Trim your beard

Trim your beard every week or two using grooming scissors to reduce strays and to shape your beard.

If you’re in need of more serious beardscaping, pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood barber. He’ll have the tools and expertise to make your beard look sick no matter what stage of beard growth you’re at.