From an interview with a daredevil explorer who quit his office job to climb the world’s tallest mountains to going behind the scenes of our favorite local motorcycle shop in DTLA, 2017 hit all the high notes. Plus, we delivered fresh beard care tips and much-needed wakeup calls, including giving you the real deal behind the gnarly ingredients that often sneak their way into beard products (which, of course, you’ll never find in our stuff). Settle in and read on for the interviews, tips, stores, and products worth revisiting!

Here's to an epic 2018,

The Zeus Team

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Stores We Dig

Tankfarm interior

  • Manready Mercantile, a Houston, TX-based men’s general store with a commitment to carrying local goods

  • Motorcycle garage/hangout spot/jam session-ready Lucky Wheels Garage in DTLA

  • A longtime Zeus favorite: Tankfarm & Co., a Newport Beach, CA-based store that designs and crafts its own wares

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