If you want a healthy, presentable beard, beard oil is an absolute essential. Built to simultaneously reduce beard itch, moisturize hair and skin, and prepare beard and skin for beard balm, beard oil keeps your beard in its best shape.

If you’re new to beard oils, here are our recommendations for beard oil use:


You can apply beard oil with your fingertips or a comb. If applying with fingertips, dispense a few drops onto your hands and work through your beard with your fingers, pulling through to tame frizz.

If applying with a comb, dispense a few drops directly onto your beard (our Zeus Beard Oils have a handy dropper for easy, controlled application). Then use a beard comb to comb the oil through your beard.

We recommend applying beard oil right after you’ve washed your face or after the shower, when your pores are open and more able to absorb the oil’s nutrients.


How often you use beard oil depends on several factors – the coarseness or dryness of your hair, the length of your beard, and the climate you live in.

If your hair tends towards the dry side, you can use it daily if desired. Similarly, if you have a longer beard you’ll want to use beard oil more frequently to ensure your hair doesn’t dry out.

Finally, if you live in a more humid environment you can probably use beard oil less often, versus a colder/drier environment where you’ll want to oil up more frequently.

Check out our video on how to apply beard oil and comb your beard for more tips!