Before we embark on Part 2 of our How to Grow More Facial Hair series, be sure to read Part 1: Fueling from the Inside Out first. Increasing hair growth is a holistic effort, and the more persistent you are, the better your results.

Today we’ll be focusing on good skincare habits, because you really can’t get away from taking care of your skin when it’s the foundation of your hair. Fortunately, there’s no 15-step regimen involved. We’ve broken down the skincare puzzle into 4 easy steps.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Remember to Wash Your Face!

We know it’s easy to surrender yourself to your bed after a long day, but before you do, give your face a quick rinse.

You want to give your hair the best environment for growth, and letting the day’s dirt and oil sit on your skin overnight doesn’t exactly facilitate that. Dead skin cells can block your hair follicles, preventing them from sprouting.

Aim to wash your face with a mild cleanser twice daily using warm – not hot – water. While hot water may feel good, it strips skin of its natural protective oils, leaving your facial region itchy and dry.


A cleanser can only do so much. Once or twice a week, you’ll need to bring out the big guns. Use a facial scrub or exfoliating mask – like Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel – to dissolve and lift away your skin’s outermost layer of dead skin cells. Exfoliating unclogs pores while stimulating the production of healthy new skin (which, in turn, leads to healthy hair).


If you feel like you’re entering purgatory every time your girlfriend drags you into the lotions and potions section of her favorite beauty store, we feel you. But next time, we suggest taking one for the team (i.e. your facial hair) by picking out a facial lotion for yourself.

It all goes back to providing the optimal environment for hair growth. Moisturizer reduces dry, flaky, and itchy skin, which means fewer problems for your skin and beard.

We suggest applying a beard oil right after washing, then finishing with a beard balm and applying a layer of moisturizer. Bonus points if you use a moisturizer with an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will slough off the top layer of old skin cells, while natural extracts and vitamins will keep your skin hydrated and irritation-free.

Massage Your Hair Follicles (AKA "Exercise" Your Face)

Your face is a web of muscles, and just like any other muscles on your body, your facial muscles need to be "exercised" every now and then for proper functioning.

Facial massage has a number of benefits, from stress reduction (which also helps with hair growth) to clearer skin. For our purposes, facial massage is proven to increase circulation, boosting blood and oxygen flow to your face. Massage simultaneously stimulates hair follicles, promoting healthier, thicker hair.

And if you're using a face product, massage helps everything absorb better into skin.

How to massage your face:

Prepare to set aside a couple minutes. Working in sections from the bottom up (jaw, cheeks, forehead), circle your fingertips while applying light pressure. Finish by sweeping upwards along your jawline using the heels of your hands.

If you're doing the massage in the shower, splash cold water against your skin to stimulate blood circulation even more.