How to Protect Your Beard From Summer Humidity and Pool Chlorine

It’s the summertime and you’re ready to be outside again with your majestic beard. You’re probably already making plans for a summer trip or making frequent trips to the pool.

However, if you haven’t been taking care of your facial hair like you should have (tsk tsk if you haven’t), you’re going to run into some problems.

At some point during the summer, you’re going to have to deal with hot, humid weather, which means frizzy, itchy hair and skin.

Humidity can be damaging to your beard if it hasn’t been properly maintained, so we’re here to show you how to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

What Humidity Does to Your Beard and How to Prep Your Beard 

Like what was mentioned before, humidity causes your hair to get frizzy. That’s because there’s more moisture in the air and those water molecules cling onto hair strands, causing them to become bloated.

This especially happens when hair is dry and devoid of moisture. Your beard craves moisture, so if it doesn’t get it naturally from the oil your face produces or from beard oil, it’s going to soak up all that humid air and turn your facial hair into tumbleweed.

How to Protect Your Beard From Summer Humidity and Pool Chlorine

Imagine this, but on your face

So how do you prevent your beard from getting frizzy and gross? Keep it hydrated.

That doesn’t mean go dunk your entire head in a bucket of water. We’re talking about hydrating it with quality beard oil, like Zeus Refined Beard Oil.

It has almond oil to hydrate and lock in moisture, as well as protect your beard from UV damage. It also contains argan, avocado and soybean oils prevent skin inflammation, repair damaged hair and restore your beard’s natural shine and volume.

Instead of oiling your beard once a day, you should consider doing so twice a day. It all depends on how your beard reacts to humid weather, so reapply beard oil when necessary. Make sure to use a beard brush to thoroughly distribute the beard oil in your facial hair.

How to Protect Your Beard From Summer Humidity and Pool Chlorine

However, be careful about using too much beard oil. While it’s great at keeping your facial hair hydrated, adding too much oil can leave your beard greasy, or worse, it allows dirt to get trapped on your skin which can lead to acne and skin irritation.

What you can also do is apply beard conditioner to your facial hair before you go to bed and leave it in overnight. The conditioner will hydrate and soften your beard while you sleep. When you wake up the following morning, rinse out your beard and work in some beard oil to give it that extra layer of protection.

Or when you’re already out and about, add some beard balm to your mane to further lock in moisture in your beard. The shea butter in the balm hydrates the hair and skin, while the beeswax keeps that moisture in. The product also helps with styling your beard and taming stray hairs.

Let’s Also Talk About How to Protect Your Beard When You’re at the Pool

How to Protect Your Beard From Summer Humidity and Pool Chlorine

Now that we’ve given you tips on how to prep your beard for humid weather, let’s go into protecting your mane when you dive into a pool.

Any pool that you jump into this summer most likely contains chlorine, which is great to keep a pool clean but it’s pretty harsh on your hair and skin. The chemical strips your beard of its natural oils and leaves it brittle and damaged. And once it gets to that point, there’s no going back.

So to prevent your beard from getting damaged, we recommend applying beard oil to your facial hair before you get into a pool. The oil will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine and minimize the amount of damage the chemical does to your beard.

Then when you’re done hanging out in the pool, you should hop in the shower and wash your beard as soon as possible. The sooner you wash your facial hair, the better chance you have to prevent the chlorine from doing any major damage to your mane. Remember to use beard shampoo and conditioner to get your beard back to normal.

We all want to enjoy this summer, especially after spending the last summer in quarantine. So follow our tips to make sure your beard stays healthy while you’re out in the sun or floating in a pool.