We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while, but we’re happy to finally announce that Zeus has launched a new collection of pomades. As consumers of men’s grooming products ourselves, we were getting tired of the time it took to wash out gunky, greasy pomades, but also dissatisfied with the subpar hold of water-based pomades.

So we set out to find a happy medium – pomades that would wash out easily, but could also hold our side part or quiff in place the entire day. And as animal lovers, we knew we wouldn't test our pomades on our furry friends, nor would we incorporate harsh chemicals, since we’re bombarded by enough of those as is.

After months of testing our pomades in the lab and then testing them on the Zeus staff, we developed two pomades: Zeus Original Pomade and Zeus Firm Hold Pomade.

Both of these pomades are water-based and come with a little something extra that you won’t find in most pomades – conditioning. Since pomades stay in your hair day in and day out, we wanted to optimize what they do for your hair. As a result, we added ultra-softening jojoba wax and hydrating aloe leaf juice.

Most importantly, we included keratin protein. The cuticle of your hair (that protective outer layer) is actually made up of keratin protein. But heat styling, dying or relaxing your hair, and even brushing your hair damages the cuticle, making it fray. The only way to repair this is to replace the damaged keratin. So in addition to producing one fine quiff, our pomades will keep your hair healthy from the inside out.

These pomades will make you look good naturally, and we’re excited to share them with you!

Get your Zeus pomades here.


All the Best,

The Zeus Team