What is a Pomade and Which Strength is Right For My Hair?

While it's easy for your beard to steal all the attention in your New Year's resolutions, it's also important not to leave hair care out of the equation. After all, a burly beard only looks better alongside luscious locks. It's time to revamp your hair care routine by trading out heated tools and oil products and start styling your hair with a natural pomade instead.

When it comes to styling your tresses, oil-based products are commonly used to hold hair in place. However, petrolatum often leaves hair damaged and looking greasy.

Here at Zeus Beard, we opted to make our pomades from a water-based formula. Our ingredients like Jojoba Wax and Aloe Vera soothe hair while styling, leaving behind a gunk-free shine. In addition, the lightweight base allows you to rinse out the product easily at the end of the day.

To explain further, we defined the three types of pomades we offer and broke down which one is best for your hair type and the style you're going for.

What is pomade?

A pomade is a hair styling tool that usually comes in cream form. Typically, pomades are either oil-based or water-based and are defined by the strength of their hold for styling. Pomades are also intended to replenish moisture in the hair and provide shine.

Types of pomade

Zeus Beard shares pomade types

The three types of pomade we offer refer to their strength and texture. Zeus cream pomade is ideal for a more natural or messy look while the firm and clay options offer extra hold and styling power.

Cream pomade is ideal for the messy bedhead look.

Zeus Beard shares pomade types

Cream pomade works best to style thinner hair types or to achieve a natural look on thicker hair. Zeus cream pomade offers a medium hold and matte finish.

Ideal for taming fly-away hairs, cream pomade is best applied to damp hair for a smoother finish. While it may not be the strongest hold of the three, the cream option is useful for men struggling with styling dry ends because its creamy texture focuses on delivering moisture to the hair.

Firm pomade helps to create both classic and modern styles.

Zeus Beard shares pomade types

Next, firm pomade bumps up your styling power from laid-back looks to more structured hairstyles.

Mimicking the power of an oil-based pomade without the damage or grease, Zeus firm pomade lets you decide your style from day-to-day. When applied lightly, your beard will benefit from a natural boost of shine. With a heavier application, you can emulate '50s greasers with ease by creating smooth slicked styles or try out a modern take on the pompadour.

Zeus firm pomade is best for everyday use because of its styling versatility. In addition, its ingredients help keep hair healthy and strong. The jojoba oil ingredient battles breakage and dandruff, while the added Keratin protein helps to repair damaged strands.

Clay pomade offers maximum hold for thick hair types.

Finally, the clay pomade is best used on curly or thick hair types or to achieve bold or straightened styles. Zeus clay pomade adds both texture and definition to hair, flattening curves and kinks.

In addition to calmly taming coarse hair, Zeus clay pomade is ideal for creating spikes and experimenting with your hairstyle. Its inclusion of castor oil provides Vitamin E to dilapidated hair strands, which helps calm scalp flaking and prompts better hair growth.

More hair care tips

While introducing a pomade to your collection is a good start, it is also useful to reexamine the habits in your current hair care routine.

When it comes to washing your hair, opt for gentle shampoos and conditioners that avoid parabens and harsh chemicals. At the same time, remember even gentle products can dry out your hair if used too much. Shampoo strips your hair of oils so use it sparingly throughout the week and don't forget conditioner to replenish moisture.

In addition, keep up with maintaining your health and appearance because it will keep your hair looking vibrant and strong. When it comes to diet and exercise, opt for the healthier options and extra gym sessions.

Finally, become a regular at your barbershop. Regular haircuts will avoid split ends and keep your look fresh.

Zeus Beard defines pomade