5 Father's Day Gift Ideas To Show Dad How Much You Appreciate Him

With the weather warming up and the days offering sunlight into the night, June brings plenty to be thankful for. However, it's not just the summer sun you should be showing appreciation for this June. Let's not forget the day intended to show love to the first important man in our lives: dear ol' dad. That's right, Sunday, June 16 is Father's Day.

Here at Zeus Beard, we know you want to celebrate your dad right. After all, he was there every time you needed a spider killed, to learn how to throw a baseball...or a punch, or to teach you how to grill up the perfect steak.

It's time to give back to the man who has always had your back. To make things easier, we compiled a list of five Father's Day gift ideas that will surely bring a smile to your old man's face. With a mix of products and experiences, you'll have plenty to choose from to make your dad's day extra special.

1. Take him out to the ball game.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

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Like we mentioned, it's likely your dad spent some days out in the yard or at the local park showing you how to throw a ball around. It's time to repay him with a day out to enjoy watching the professionals do it.

Another great thing about June is the "boys of summer" are back in town. Take up the opportunity to cheer on your local team. Don't forget to treat your dad to a hotdog and some beers while you watch the game.

Singing along to the seventh inning stretch song will bring you and your pops together reminiscing about the great times you've spent together over the years.

2. Help him freshen up his facial hair.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

When it comes to business deals in the office, your dad's face is his best asset. That means grooming the beard around his award-winning smile is absolutely necessary.

It's time to freshen up his facial hair. Luckily, Father's Day brings extra beard care deals. When you rack up $60 or more of Zeus products, you'll receive an extra Father's Day bonus: a travel size shampoo and conditioner.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

So which products should you spend your Father's Day fund on?

Well, since you're already getting a complimentary shampoo and conditioner, we recommend focusing on the beard oils, balms and brushes.

Optimal for regular use, hard-to-reach areas or travel, the Zeus Pear Wood Beard Brush Set offers every style of brush your dad may need.

Since the brushes get you just over the $50 mark, we recommend also tacking on a beard balm for styling or a beard oil to revamp dry ends. Your dad will quickly be sporting the best beard on the block.

3. Show him how much he taught you.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

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Another great option when it comes to Father's Day gift ideas is to put into practice the lessons your father taught you over the years. That likely includes throwing it down on the grill.

To make the ultimate Dad's Day, invite your dad to the backyard and treat him to perfectly marinated meats that you cook using all his special techniques.

Your dad will not only be impressed by the skills you picked up over the years but also get a day to kick back and relax without having to provide all the chef labor.

4. Deck out his man cave.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

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Your father spends all year providing for your mom and the family. So, on Father's Day it's time to give back to a space devoted all to him.

Whether dad has a dedicated basement or garage, there's likely a spot in the house he considers his man cave. Decking it out with some relaxing essentials will help his long work day fade away.

As far as Father's Day gift ideas go, this is where you can get creative. If your dad is into games to play with the family, go for a dart board or pool table. If he likes to enjoy a cold beer or cocktail after work, find fun drinking tools like a custom beer tap or monogramed whiskey glasses.

5. Spruce up his style or scent.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

Your dad is a cost-efficient type of man, which means his style probably frequently relies on the sale rack. For Father's Day, splurge a little on a new coat or pair of shoes that he wouldn't buy for himself.

If your dad is already ahead of the game in the closet region, find him a signature scent with a new, bold cologne. For the eco-friendly dad, introducing him to a natural deodorant provides the fresh feel and scent without any added artificial ingredients.

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas

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Whichever Father's Day gift ideas you choose, we're confident that your dad will appreciate the thought and love that went into it.

Zeus Beard wishes all the bearded dads (and our clean-shaven brothers too) a happy Father's Day!

Zeus Beard shares Father's Day gift ideas