7 Father's Day Gifts That Will Make You the Favorite Child

He taught you how to walk, talk and ride a bike. He helped you learn right from wrong and bandaged up your scrapes and pride when things didn't go as planned. And most of all, he loves you unconditionally and will always protect you. That's right, we're talking about none other than your loving dad. With Father's Day just a little over two weeks away, it's time to start appreciating the hard-working man in your life and thinking about Father's Day gifts.

Officially, Father's Day is on Sunday, June 17. So that means, the sibling competition has officially started to see who will find the best gift. Undoubtedly, the best gift takes home the prize of favorite child and we want you to win.

To help your shopping process, here at Zeus Beard we compiled a guide of the ultimate Father's Day gifts and experiences that will make your dad relaxed and comfortable on his special day.

1 Ditch the wacky tie idea and promote his classic style instead.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts

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When it comes to Father's Day gifts, the traditional gag is to buy your dad a cheesy or whacky tie. However, your hard-working dad deserves more than just a funny gift. Instead of shopping for a laugh, hit the stores in search of a classic suit that will be versatile and perfect for any work or special event.

Our suggestion? Try a navy suit. The color is flattering on multiple skin tones and looks sharp during any season. Ralph Lauren offers a great option at Macy's. It is a little pricey, but it will be worth not having to see your dad show up to this year's party in his crocs ensemble again.

Maybe your dad isn't the suit and tie type at all. That's perfectly okay! When shopping for a t-shirts and jeans kind of dad, it's possible to stay basic and still on trend. Stick with classics like a mid to dark-wash pair of Levi's and a comfortable flannel.

2 Invest in a beard kit to tame his mane.

Zeus Beard gives Father's Day gifts suggestions

For a bearded dad, teach him the mysterious ways of beard oil, beard balm and styling tools. Gone are the days of splashing some warm water on his face and just running his fingers through his beard as it air dries. It's time to show your dad the importance of caring for his sensitive facial hair.

Picking up a set like the Zeus Executive Beard Kit will provide all the beard grooming essentials he needs.

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In addition, purchasing the set for Father's Day earns you a beard oil or leather bag for free.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts

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3 Let him hang with the "Boys of Summer" at a baseball game.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts

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Instead of shelling out your cash on Father's Day gifts, change it up this year and get your dad a Father's Day experience. Grab two tickets so he can sip an ice cold beer, eat some peanuts and cheer for the home team with his favorite child.

You may also get lucky and receive some Father's Day freebies. Depending on your area, some stadiums offer holiday handouts and even fireworks displays.

To see all the Major League Baseball games played on Father's Day, check out this list where you can view times and buy tickets.

4 Buy him a charcoal bullet smoker for BBQ season.

No one beats dad when it comes to grilling. Do the whole family a favor and buy him a charcoal smoker. Say hello to decadent BBQ ribs and cookouts all summer long. You can also make cooking a fun father-daughter or father-son activity by preparing the potato salad on the side while your dad whips up the meat on the grill.

Home Depot offers an affordable MasterBuilt charcoal bullet smoker. Its powerful but convenient size makes it suitable for storage in any backyard area.

And while your dad might be in the camp of thinking an instructional manual is just a suggestion guide, the video above provides some helpful "suggestions" for use.

5 Help him get the spa experience from the comfort of his home.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts

Everyone likes to feel pampered. However, some dads may shy away from the spa in fear of looking too girly. That doesn't mean you have to pressure your dad with a spa gift card that will only collect dust in the drawer. Instead, give him access to his own personal spa from home.

Investing in a tool like the Garfield Paragon towel warmer cabinet will help your dad recreate a barbershop's hot towel experience from home. The product quickly heats towels making them perfect for applying Zeus Steam Mist to the face and for soothing achey muscles throughout the body.

Adding essential oils to the towels also helps to fight skin irritation and ease stress.

6 Pour him a drink and light up a cigar.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts

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When it comes to Father's Day gifts, there is nothing wrong with going with a classic manly gift. When in doubt, whiskey and cigars are a pretty safe bet.

Let your dad feel like king for the day, pour him a glass of whiskey, light up his cigar and let him relax on his favorite recliner chair.

[infobox maintitle="Father's Day Coupon #22" subtitle="This coupon is good for one car wash and wax performed by your favorite child." bg="teal" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]

If this feels too simple, you can always jazz up these Father's Day gifts with a personal touch. In the case that you still live with your dad, make him a coupon book offering to do household chores like cleaning the bathroom or washing his car. If you don't live so close, you can tailor your coupons to spending more time together or offer free house or pet sitting so your parents can enjoy a date night or mini vacation.

7 Make him smell better than all the other dads.

Zeus Beard suggest Father's Day gifts

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Lastly, when you're considering Father's Day gifts, consider what smells he currently has in the cabinet. Help him step up his game by adding the luxurious smell of Gucci's Guilty Intense cologne.

The male version of Gucci's popular Guilty perfume adds coriander to the burst of lavender and lemon to make the overall smell more masculine. In addition, in the cologne version you can also pick out dry amber and leather accents.

Your dad will definitely be the best smelling guy in his office. And the trendiest. After all, how many middle-aged men are rocking Gucci? You'll bring him into the 21st century in the most pleasant smelling way possible.

Zeus Beard suggests Father's Day gifts