Valentine's Day Gifts For Him: 9 Ideas of What to Buy Your Bearded Beau

Hey guys, it's time to pass this one to your lady. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to start planning out what to get the special man in your life. Chocolates and roses are a bit too basic and feminine when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts for your rough and tumble kind of guy. The better gift? Get him something that will celebrate his manliness and majorly impress him with your thoughtfulness and insight.

We here at Zeus Beard made the shopping easy for you by compiling a list of our top nine favorite products that make perfect Valentine's Day gifts. You won't regret it when you step out for dinner on Feb. 14 with the happiest and sharpest looking man on your arm.

1. MAN CRATES Personalized whiskey crate ($99.99)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via MAN CRATES

MAN CRATES offers the perfect Valentine's Day gifts to help your man kick back and relax with cold whiskey in hand.

As American writer Mark Twain said, "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." Thankfully you aren't getting barely enough in this kit. In fact, here's everything it includes:

Distinguished Gear

    • 2 personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses (9 oz.)

    • 2 Tovolo ice sphere molds

    • 2 slate coasters

  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub

    • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts

    • Salted pistachios

  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans

2. Monogram Wooden Watch ($150)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via

Your outdoorsman will love this monogram wooden watch and will definitely be checking the time in style. It comes in brown or black and features quartz movement, scratch-proof mineral glass, and genuine leather. In addition to looking high-end and sporty, the watch is also eco-friendly.

Perfect for the environmentally conscious man, the wood is hypoallergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals. Purchasing the watch also helps to preserve the environment because for every watch sold a tree is planted to fight deforestation.

This will make your man look good while he treks through the forest and will help ensure he has beautiful trees to look at on his hike.

3. Zeus Ultimate Beard Care & Styling Kit ($179)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Zeus Beard

With everything your man could ever want when it comes to managing his facial hair, this beard kit is definitely the ultimate gift.

From the shower to date night, your man will be prepared for every step of the beard upkeep process. Here's everything the kit includes: 

    • cleansing, hydrating Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

    • Beard Oil

    • Beard Balm

    • Dovo Stainless Steel Scissors (made in Germany)

    • Handmade Facial Hair Comb

    • Pear Wood Boar Bristle Brush

To find out the best ways for your man to use this gift, check out these articles: "How to Trim a Beard with Scissors or Clippers to Get the Cleanest Cut" and "How to Fix Damaged Hair and Skin During a Harsh Winter Season."

4. Take him on an experience ($ varies)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Instagram / @zeusbeard

If you really want to stand out, get a little creative this February. Instead of just searching in the stores or online for Valentine's Day gifts, buy your special guy an experience instead of limiting yourself to a product.

So what makes a good experience gift? It depends on your man. This gift idea allows you to plan a day for your man, specifically tailoring it to his interests.

Still need more help? Here's some examples we found:

The comedy show ($70-$320)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Laugh Factory

If you are Los Angeles based, the Laugh Factory is a great option for a comedy club and offers Valentine's Day packages. However if you aren't Hollywood locals, comedy shows can also be easily found in other areas and also run similar holiday deals. It just takes a quick Google search of your area.

For Laugh Factory's Valentine's Day show, the pre-sale priority tickets are $35 a ticket; however, they include $40 Laugh Factory vouchers for future shows and a champagne toast. With these tickets, you also won't have to wait in line and you are guaranteed seating until showtime at 7 p.m.

If you're feeling a little more generous, the sweetheart's comedy package for two is $320 but includes all the perks of the priority tickets plus a bottle of Veuve Clicquout champagne, chocolate and $300 worth of Laugh Factory vouchers for future shows. The 2 drink minimum is also not enforced under this package.

The kayaking tour ($84)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Everyday California

Perfect for your outdoors man is an outdoors activity to celebrate Valentine's Day. Even better, if you live in California, the San Diego area provides the romantic La Jolla Sunset kayak tour.

Head to the ecological reserve of La Jolla shores to glide across the water in a double kayak, enjoying the sights of dolphins, sea lions, turtles, seals and migrating grey whales as the sun sets over the ocean. If weather permits, the 90-minute tour, only available in the winter season, also travels through Emerald Cave. To make prices cheaper, this tour is offered with holiday codes on the site and on Groupon.

If your area doesn't offer a body of water suitable for kayaking, this Valentine's Day experience can be modified with horseback riding, a romantic hike and picnic or any other outdoors activity.

5. Swiss Army Year of the Dog Huntsman Limited Edition ($99.99)

Zeus Beard shares Valentines Day gifts for him

Photo via Swiss Knife Shop

Every man needs a good pocket knife in their collection. And what better to add than a Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss Army Year of the Dog Huntsman Limited Edition knife celebrates the Chinese zodiac because they year of the dog represents loyalty, companionship and guardianship.

The knife has 16 settings. Here's the list of functions the red 3.6 inch knife can perform:

    • Large Blade
    • Small Blade
    • Corkscrew
    • Can Opener with

        • Small Screwdriver
    • Bottle opener with

        • Screwdriver

        • Wire Stripper
    • Reamer, Punch and Sewing Awl
    • Key Ring
    • Tweezers
    • Toothpick
    • Scissors
    • Multipurpose Hook
    • Wood Saw
    • Mini Screwdriver

6. Keurig K-Classic K55 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker ($139.99)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Kohl's

Make his morning routine a little easier by making his coffee preparation quick and painless. Forget messing with coffee filters and grounds. Your man can stress about one less thing by just sticking his cup under the machine and enjoying a hot cup of Starbucks coffee a minute later.

The K-Classic K55 coffee maker is reviewed as the most user-friendly and reliable Keurig machine.

7. a Netflix subscription ($13.99/month)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Instagram / @_mike99__

Netflix and chill doesn't just have to be a code for singles to hookup. When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, a Netflix subscription is a gift that will benefit you and your man all year long.

Cuddle up with your special guy with some warm blankets and sweet treats or beer and pizza. The only thing he'll have to worry about is if we wants to binge-watch "Shameless" or "Black Mirror."

8. Zeus Hand Drawn Ebony Wood Handle Hair Brush with 100% Boar Bristles, Limited Edition ($150)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Zeus Beard

If you want your man to really step his game up and best even the burliest of bearded men, then it's time to invest in this limited edition brush.

Look no further for Valentine's Day gifts because your man will greatly appreciate the luxury and effectiveness of the ebony wood boar bristle brush. Each bristle knot is specially tied using the traditional hand-drawn technique and are left uneven to deeper penetrate hair strands.

The limited edition German product also includes a cleaning brush and polishing cloth.

9. Art of Manliness Collection ($24.37)

Zeus Beard shares Valentine's Day gifts for him

Photo via Barnes and Noble 

This Barnes and Noble book collection will tell your boyfriend or husband everything he needs to know about being a strong man. And no, that doesn't just mean hitting the gym for massive gains or crushing beer cans with his friends.

You'll be happy to hear that this book is centered around building outdoors skills, learning how to dress and communicate effectively with others and finding out what it takes to be a good father.

This book will definitely separate the boys from the men. Luckily, you aren't paying nearly $25 for just one book. The set includes:

    • "The Art of Manliness" book
    • "The Art of Manliness: Manvotionals" book (which includes poems, quotes and essays from the wisest men in history to inspire your man to live to his full potential)
    • a classic cigar box to house the books
    • six drink coasters

 Now you have plenty of options for Valentine's Day gifts to get the lucky man in your life.

But no matter which Valentine's Day gifts you choose to get your bearded beau, he'll be sure to love the effort.