Virtual Valentine's Date Ideas To Impress Your Partner

Today, 14 million couples in the U.S. are enjoying the bliss of their long-distance relationships. Now more than ever our society has warmed up to the idea of romance over the screen. What used to be a rather straight forward meet-in-person approach, these days with dating, anything goes. Whether you start by sliding into their DM’s or exchanging WhatsApp details, the virtual dating world welcomes long distance love.

Now throw in a global pandemic and more people spending time at home then ever before and what do you get? A brand new recipe for deeper connection over the phone.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re new to dating online because of the pandemic or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’ve come up with some epic ideas to impress your date and make them feel extra special this year. Caution: results may even exceed an in person experience if you’re lucky.

Read on to discover Zeus’ specially curated Virtual Valentine’ Date Ideas.

1. Send her your scent to make her feel like you’re actually there

 zeus candle

Does your lady absolutely adore when you wear Verbena Lime or maybe Sandalwood is what she loves to cozy up next to? No matter her favorite scent, why not send her a Zeus candle to set the mood and also remind her of your masculine musk. Even though she may end up missing you more, the thoughtfulness of your gift will just make your embrace that much more meaningful the next time you see your long-distance love.

2. PayPal or Venmo her and write a special caption (for her eyes only!)

 venmo transaction to valentine

Why not send your love a series of venmo payments throughout the entire day on Valentine’s Day. It’ll be like a little virtual scavenger hunt turned into real life. You can send her hints. For example, add a coffee emoji and say “your favorite latte.” Create an experience for her. Create a date that she would love if you were there. Then call her at the end and tell her you’ll recreate it in person next time you’re together and ask her what she loved the most.


3. Have a Drink Together and Relax

 If you don’t already have a favorite whiskey cup, then Zeus has got you covered. Why not send her the drink details to her favorite recipe and create it together? You can create your cocktails over the phone, sit back and sip on something delicious together. Don’t be surprised if the conversation flows exceptionally well.

4. Send Her Love Letters and Seal it with Zeus

 letter on table with wax seal

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

Advancements in technology has contributed to a quicker way of communication, and getting that text from your special someone can feel like an immediate high. But sometimes slipping back into time and penning your words onto paper can hold new meaning. When writing your thoughts, your brain is required to slow down and think. So not only will you be sharing the love with your partner, but writing your thoughts can also help you reflect on your relationship too. After you seal your sexy words, spritz her favorite Zeus scent on the letter for a finishing touch. When she opens it up, she’ll feel extra close to you.

 5. Wild Card

 hearts on pink paper for Valentines Day

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

We want to know. Are you in a long distance relationship? What have you done to keep the romance alive? Tell us some of your wild card ideas to help other guys stay connected across the distance. We can’t wait to hear from you!