Beard ornaments are back

Near the end of each year, studies come out projecting trends for the following year - and that includes facial hair trends. As par for the course, another study (from a shaving company, nonetheless) claims we’ve hit peak beard and the desire for clean-shaven faces is stronger than ever. We’ll let you have a good chuckle at this one as you sagely stroke your beard.

For those of you growing out your beard for the first time, be sure to catch GQ’s guide to trimming your beard while growing it out and our 5 best No Shave November blog posts. While the goal is to get some length, simply letting your hair grow unmanaged will lead to a scraggly, itchy thicket. Using the right products while trimming the slightest amount is your ticket to a killer beard.

Since we’ve officially entered the holiday season, you’ll be seeing the return of the beard equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater: beard ornaments. Have you ever tried beard ornaments just for kicks (or for an Instagram photo), or are you on the side of only putting ornaments on trees?

We wrap things up with a fun Movember podcast from The Manual, complete with an interview with a World Beard Champion and cocktail recipes inspired by boozy and bearded historical figures.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team


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