This Thanksgiving - somewhere between your in-laws bickering and your uncle getting hammered and making offensive comments - we suggest you pull out this week’s edition of Best of the Web for some worry-free, facial hair-filled entertainment.

As we wrap up Movember and No Shave November, we’re offering a sweet sendoff with 5 of the best video game beards, plus the best beards in the NFL. And looking ahead to Christmas, we’re tipping you off to a new sparkly facial hair trend as well as an awesome bro-centric, R-rated Christmas movie directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies).

And hey, if all else fails to make your family gathering tolerable, you can always play Adele.

Happy Thanksgivng!

The Zeus Team

Video games have been showing the bearded community some love – here are gaming’s five best beards, in honor of No Shave November. (IGN)

The evolution of the best NFL beards, all conveniently packed into one GIF. (Fox Sports)

Forget glitter on ornaments – this Christmas, a glitter beard is the ultimate facial hair style. (Metro UK)

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The Night Before is a R-rated Christmas “hangout” movie that’s made for friends rather than family, plus it stars Seth Rogen. Alright – we’re interested. (GQ)

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell in Mad Men) grew a beard for his new role in Saints and Strangers and is now damn near unrecognizable. (GQ)


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