Welcome back from the holidays! We know – it’s the Monday of all Mondays, and you probably wish you could have made swift work of your alarm clock this morning, á la Bull Murray in Groundhog Day. Hopefully, today’s Best of the Web will make your transition back to reality a little more tolerable.

If you’re in the mood for a long(ish) read, Slate’s article on the just-released book Of Beards and Men dissects the beard in all its cultural nuances (trust us, it’s worth the read whether you have a beard or not).

And as usual, we’ve got famous beards in the news - from football players arguing over who has the better beard-growing chops to Paul Ryan’s beard, which is still stirring up controversy. So much so, in fact, that The Atlantic did a detailed piece with Rebekah Herrick, a professor of political science at Oklahoma State University, about why Ryan beards.

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The Zeus Team

Of Beards and Men looks at how beards can both extol and hide a man’s masculinity and identity. (Slate)

Why do fewer than 5% of Congress have beards (and why does Paul Ryan have one)? The Atlantic gives its take. (GQ)

Which Clemson football player has superior beard-growing powers? Junior linebacker Ben Boulware and senior offensive guard Eric Mac battle it out. (ESPN)

Speaking of battles, Gillette is suing Dollar Shave Club for stealing a key part of its razor design. (Washington Post)

We recently went to an art show featuring that most iconic of holiday beards, Santa Claus. Check out our recap. (Zeus Beard Blog)