This week’s Best of the Web has a little sprinkle of everything: Drake, yeard growing, bedazzled beards, and what seems to be a regular in beard news – lawsuits. All in a week, guys.

Here’s what you need to know now to be current on the beard and moustache brotherhood.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

  1. After unveiling his beard at the Apple Music event where he discussed Beats 1, Drake has been donning the facial hair on Instagram posts to a warm reception by anyone with eyes. (MTV)

  2. Wonder what it’s like to grow a Yeard? This guy documented his via video. (Huffington Post)

  3. After 2 years of negotiations, the French police trade union just won a case that allows French policemen to grow beards and sport tattoos. Maybe the hipster cop look will help the public feel closer to their policemen? (Telegraph UK)

  4. Fox Business reports that beards and the beard industry are here to stay. (Fox Business)

  5. Tired of your beard looking like just a…beard? Get your creative juices flowing with inspiration from The Gay Beards Instagram, where you will receive regular ideas on new things to put in your beard for extra bedazzling. We’re eyeing that glitter beard, but also kind of terrified at the same time about the removal process. (Huffington Post UK)

  6. The federal government is suing UPS for discriminating against employees who wear facial hair because of their religion. (NY Daily News)

  7. Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard brushes up against Anna Wintour during a film premiere and her reaction is priceless (Daily Mail UK)