The Grammys just went down on Monday, and while typically an exemplar of cutting edge style and grooming, for several musicians this year it was anything but. From Justin Bieber’s fuzzstache (peach fuzz moustache) to Sam Smith’s off-kilter beard-to-hair ratio, the hair situation left something to be desired.

Speaking of desirable things, kissing your bearded girlfriend is probably not one of them. In a Buzzfeed study of empathy, several bearded guys kiss their girlfriends, with the caveat that each lady has had a beard applied by a professional makeup artist. It’s beard burn, in reverse.

Also thrown into this week’s mix are very handy beardscaping tips if you’ve got a patchy beard or a baby face. And since we care about both your beard and your clothes looking slick, we’ve profiled one of the best menswear boutiques on the West Coast, Unionmade.

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Beard On,

The Zeus Team

According to 1850’s The Philosophy of Beards, those without beards have no morals or intelligence. That and more absurd beliefs about beards in this article from Bustle. (Bustle)

And now, here’s Sam Smith demonstrating why your beard length should never equal your hair length. (GQ)

What better way to empathize with the beard burn your girlfriend gets when she kisses you than by kissing your bearded girlfriend? In this video, usually bearded guys get their smooch on with their hirsute girlfriends, who get realistic beards applied by a makeup artist. (Buzzfeed)

Got a patchy beard or just a baby face? Then five o’clock shadow may be your answer. (Fashion Beans)

Our very first Artist Profile is up! Learn the story behind Mulga, the Sydney-based artist who created our Zeus Mulga t-shirt. More Artist Profiles to come. (Zeus Beard Blog)

Up your style game at Unionmade, a West Coast casual menswear boutique based on San Francisco, CA, that blends up-and-coming designers with the classics. (Zeus Beard Blog)