Happy first day of March! This week’s there are lots of things happening with beards in sports and entertainment. Alabama defensive lineman Shawn Robinson, for instance, is questioned on whether he grows a beard for intimidation, while ZZ Top takes his famous beard to the small screen for his new show, “Rockin’ Roadsters.” Beards are also the star of the book Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair, which The Spectator reviews.

Finally, we have some cool facts about beards and a new beard style to try to round out your week.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

15 cool and weird facts about beards and beard history, like how in 17th century Russia Emperor Peter I imposed a beard tax in order to modernize the city according to European models. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2. (PPCORN)

A review of Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair, a meditation on why men grow beards and what beards signify. (The Spectator)

We’ve come out with our own dopp bag, because your beard products deserve a sleek new home. (Zeus Beard Blog)

We’ve recommended the Van Dyke-style beard before for guys who want to sport a beard but have patchier hair growth. Turns out, the Van Dyke may be the next big beard trend. (Menx XP)

ZZ Top and his beard are staring in a new Discovery show called “Rockin’ Roadsters,” which sees the musician restoring beat-up contenders. (Fox News)

Shawn Robinson’s beard and bald head combination may be intimidating on the field, but recently he admitted humbly that it wasn't about intimidation; he was just going bald and decided to shave. (ESPN)