We’re so close to spring we can almost taste it. It’s the season for road trips and outdoor events as the weather lightens up. But as temperatures increase, it’s also a time when some of us bearded folk reevaluate whether to beard or not to beard. The comfort levels of having a chin rug at this time of year can start to dip. Before you eye that razor, check out the article below on how to keep your beard clean and tidy (read: comfortable). Also, what better way to celebrate spring than making your beard the centerpiece of a floral arrangement? Metro UK has #flowerbeard inspiration aplenty.

Over in beard news, golf finally has a lush beard to proudly represent the sport, and a dermatologist explains that beard hairs are pubic hairs on your face, which is not necessarily a bad thing…read the story to see what we mean.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Golf has finally got a famous beard, thanks to Graham DeLaet. (GOLF)

So beard hair is basically pubic hair on your face, according to expert Dr. Bobby Buka. (Huffington Post)

The Osaka government is mandating tube drivers remove beards and tattoos as well as requiring women to wear makeup, and not surprisingly, people are pissed. (The Guardian UK)

Spring is back this Sunday, and so are the flower beards. We don’t know if we’re excited or scared. (Metro UK)

MOTO is a badass coffee table book devoted to motorcycles. See our thoughts here. (Zeus Beard Blog)

Even mountain man beards need grooming. Here’s how to clean up your beard and the ever-important neck line so you look more sexy and less Duck Dynasty. (Business Insider)