There are plenty of famous guys with beards, but typically they’re, well, guys. This week, we can add a lady to the mix. At Adele’s concert at Glasgow’s Hydro arena, Adele announced that she grew a beard during her pregnancy due to high testosterone levels. According to E! Online, she named it Larry and can now sympathize with her bearded boyfriend, Simon Konecki.

Another newly hirsute celebrity, Zayn, opened up to the public recently, talking to Complex magazine about how he and the other boys of One Direction were barred from wearing beards (which may explain his current hair rebellion). And then there’s David Letterman, who drew comparisons to Santa Claus while jogging in St. Barts with his much-deserved retirement beard.

Read on for these stories and much more!

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Zayn Malik wasn’t allowed to wear a beard in One Direction to abide by the “young teen boy look” impressed upon the group by their band manager. (Vanity Fair)

Adele grew a beard during her pregnancy and gave it a name. (E! Online)

All hail David Lettermen and the achievement beard, proof that one does not just grow a beard – it is earned. (Los Angeles Times)

We delve further into the question of how to grow more beard hair, and this time we’re tackling the best kinds of exercise to boost testosterone. (Zeus Beard Blog)

We’re guessing that beard oil is already part of your daily routine, but here’s a refresher course on why you should be using beard oil. (Huffington Post)

Londonberry, New Hampshire police officers are growing facial hair to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. (Eagle Tribune)