If there’s one thing we’ve learned from compiling stories for our Best of the Web series, it’s this: beards elicit reaction. Whether you’re growing a beard, chopping off a beard, or just contemplating doing something to a beard (we’re looking at you, beard tax), beards are a contentious topic.

No further proof is needed than in this week’s news stories. Drake lost his beard, hockey players David Backs and Joe Thornton used theirs for a very unfriendly game of tug of war, and men in the UK are forking over thousands of pounds of money to doctors because they don’t think they’re bearded enough.

That and more in this week’s Best of the Web.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Drake’s beard is gone, which means the fan meltdown memes have begun. (Daily Mail UK)

Meanwhile, in hockey: San Jose center Joe Thornton and St. Louis center David Backs forgo throwing fists for pulling beards after Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. (Sporting News)

Anthony Kent, a barber in the UK, is proposing a beard tax. Surprisingly, it’s not the first time a beard tax has been brought to the legislature. (Atlas Obscura)

This is what Victoria Beckham looks like with a beard (courtesy of Snapchat, of course). (In Style)

Thanks to the ‘hipster beard craze’ and bearded celebrities like David Beckham and Ben Affleck, beard transplants are on the rise in the UK. (Mirror UK)

What you need to know if you are a black man growing a beard. (Huffington Post)

Do you need a beard comb or a beard brush, and what’s the difference? We give you the lowdown on these vital beard grooming tools on the blog. (Zeus Beard Blog)