Welcome to the post-Memorial Day edition of Best of the Web! We know you’re probably still reeling (and readjusting to work) from the fun and debauchery of this three-day weekend, so let us make the transition a little easier with some awesome stories featuring your fellow bearded brethren.

Speaking of debauchery, GQ has a fascinating interview with Sven Marquardt, the bouncer of Berghain, the legendary Berlin nightclub. Unlike what we imagine to be most of the bouncers of this world, Marquardt also happens to be a professional photographer who has done a menswear collaboration with Hugo Boss.

Over in entertainment news, we can now count Dwayne Johnson as one of us – as seen in a recent Instagram post, the Rock has grown an odd, triangle-shaped beard for Fast 8. Another athlete – the Sharks’ Joe Thornton, has a much more traditional, full beard – so full, in fact, that his cat can’t stop playing with it.

We’ve also rounded up tips on how to travel comfortably with your beard.


The Zeus Team

An interview with the inked and bearded bouncer of Berghain, the most depraved nightclub on the planet. (GQ)

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The Sharks’ Joe Thornton can’t shave off his playoff beard anymore because his cat loves playing in it. (FTW)

The Rock has grown a weird, pointy beard and says he’s going to disrupt the Fast and Furious franchise in the upcoming movie. (A.V. Club)

Traveling with a beard can be miserable if you don’t have a handle on the situation. We’re here to help with 5 ways to keep that thing soft and dashing throughout your trip. (Zeus Beard Blog)

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