It’ll be Father’s Day in less than a week, and if there’s a lesson we can pass on to the bearded fathers out there, it’s this: don’t shave off your mug rug, especially if you have a young kid. You’ll send all notions of reality out the window. Case in point: a father from Georgia shaved off his beard to the distress of his youngest son, who instantly started crying and asking for him to grow it back.

Another beard up on the chopping block is that of the Sharks’ Joe Thornton. After Sunday’s devastating loss to the Penguins, Thornton’s playoff beard may be ending its run.

Thankfully, for each beard that meets its demise, plenty of new beards pop up to take its place. Harrison Ford was recently spotted at the AFI Gala with a salty old sea dog beard, and Mark-Paul Gossellaar is growing a bit of facial fur for a new TV role.

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The Zeus Team

Lesson learned: a little boy cries when his dad shaves his beard, saying, “I want it back!” (Today)

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar has put on some weight and grown a beard for a new role on the TV show Pitch. We usually stand by our beards, but all signs of ‘80s heartthrob Zack Morris are lost in this new look. (MTV)

The San Jose Sharks have lost and the fate of Joe Thornton’s Beard is up in the air. (Yahoo! Sports Canada)

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