If the 2016 presidential election has felt like a circus, one man is here to offer you another option: Ben Hartnell of Ohio is throwing his hat in the ring with the campaign slogan, “Lower Taxes. More Beard.” Hartnell is American History teacher who wants to "Make America Bearded Again." He also believes in a solid education for America’s students and lower taxes. Legit.

Read all about Hartnell’s plans for America’s future below, and catch up on the latest beard news while you’re at it.

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Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Chris Kaergard, a reporter in Illinois, began growing a beard in 2015 to highlight the government’s budget standoff. A budget was finally created, so Kaergard’s beard came off in a Facebook Livestream, where friends helped clip chunks of his beard to raise money for social service organizations hurt by the budget impasse. (Fox News)

Let’s brush up on the basics. Here’s how to trim a beard, from cleaning to the finishing touches. (Coach Mag)

Seth Weil is a first-time Olympian who will compete in Rio this summer on the U.S. rowing team, but he’s getting famous for another reason: his beard. (11 Alive)

#BeardBombing is now a thing. A Portland Timbers fan and extreme knitter equipped a mask sculpture at Providence Park with a handsome beard and Timbers hat. (Oregon Live)

An Ohio man is running for president, and one of his campaign slogans vows to “Make America Bearded Again.” We dig it. (NBC4i)

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