Yeah, getting back to the grind after Labor Day weekend sucks, but we’re here to brighten your spirits with this week’s beard and moustache news, which ranges from funny (there’s a legit beard dating site now) to historic interest (a throwback to when the military allowed - even encouraged - facial hair).

Even better news is that it’s nearly fall, which means in due time we’ll no longer have to suffer through a case of the summer beard sweats. Without further ado, here are this week’s top stories…

The Zeus Team

  1. Bristlr started off as a joke, but now this dating site for the bearded and those who like the bearded has reached 100,000 users and has gained worldwide recognition. (The Next Web)

  2. Swanky beardspiration via Jake Gyllenhaal’s September cover for L’Uomo Vogue. (

  3. You’ve probably heard on the interwebs that beards can be dirty. But here are 8 reasons they’re actually good for your health (including fending off bacterial infection and even helping with asthma). (Huffington Post)

  4. A belated World Beard Day celebration via these 21 crazy elaborate beard decorations. (The Telegraph)

  5. Tajikistan’s president is trying to clamp down on facial hair, but not everyone is complying with the beard ban. (The Guardian)

  6. A throwback to the good ol’ days, when men in the military rocking beards was the norm. (We Are the Mighty)

  7. Traveling soon? Take your beard on a trendy journey to the world’s most hipster neighborhoods. (The Telegraph)