With April already feeling like summer in California, it's time to avoid the sunburn, sit back in the air conditioning and catch up on what's been circulating the web this month. Even if you're one of the lucky ones in a colder climate, come take a break and relax with us for awhile. Take a look at the best of the web for the month of April.

Kick things off with the Stanley Cup playoff tradition of growing out beards for positive causes. Then switch it up to view the cute photos of one man's children shaving his two-year old beard to surprise his wife on their wedding day.

Third, the "most interesting man in the world" popped back up in the news recently because he was a judge at a Vermont beard competition. On the negative side, one man was jailed for 20 days in Israel for refusing to shave his beard. Now, that's some serious dedication.

Finally, check out the bearded bros who are supporting the Montana Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The Stanley Cup brings the tradition of the playoff beard.

Zeus Beard shares Vegas Golden Knights and other news

Photo via Instagram / @tblightning

Hockey fans have more than the playoffs to look forward to. With the competitive face-off comes the other tournament: the annual tradition of players growing out their beards.

Teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Las Vegas Golden Knights offer beard competitions with the proceeds going to their chosen charities. For the Lightning, this is the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Meanwhile, the proceeds from the Las Vegas Golden Knights fundraiser will go to the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, which donates to Las Vegas community initiatives in youth development and sports, health and wellness, education, military and first responders and hunger and homelessness.

In addition, the Las Vegas Golden Knights fundraiser works by family and friends donating to their favorite beard grower. The man with the most raised at the end will win two tickets to opening night, a signed hockey stick and a meet and greet with a player. Second and third place winners also take home a signed jersey and puck respectively.

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A man shaved the beard he grew for two years to surprise his bride on their wedding day.

After marrying the love of his life, Trent Paterson gave his new bride a special surprise during their post-ceremony photoshoot. He shaved the beard he grew for the past two years.

Incorporating his three children as his barbers, Paterson debuted his new clean-shaven face to his wife Julie. To make the story even sweeter, it was the first time Julie saw her husband without facial hair in all the time knowing each other. Luckily, she loved the result.

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The "Most interesting man in the world" judged a Vermont beard competition.


Jonathan Goldsmith is famous for his iconic Dos Equis ads showcasing his sophisticated cigar and white beard. Naturally, it's no wonder he turned heads when he came out as a judge at the Vermont Best Beardies competition.

Goldsmith described his thoughts about the contestants beards to the Eagle Tribune.

"If it's wild looking, unkempt -- that has some statement. If it's immaculately trimmed, it might mean that he keeps a clean desk," He finished by saying, "If it's really long, I would say that it's somebody who is his own man and doesn't really care about convention."

The competition raised $45K for Make-a-Wish Vermont, surpassing last year's total by $15K. The "Top Beardie" prize went to Chip Fortune for a mountain-style beard. Among the prizes for winners was a plaque and gift card for beard products.

To read more about the competition: "'Most interesting man in the world judges beard contest;' 'mountain man' wins"

A combat soldier in Israel was sentenced to 20 days in prison for refusing to shave his beard.

The Israel Defense Forces sentenced a Kfir Brigade combat soldier to 20 days in prison. The decision came after he refused to shave his beard for religious reasons. Specifically, this concerned the Counting of Omer, the observance of the 49 days between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot. Typically, during this period Jewish men do not shave their facial hair.

The soldier's brother spoke out in his defense. However, the Israel Defense Forces determined the soldier violated their regulations because he did not qualify for the religious exemption.

According to Arutz Sheva, a spokesperson for IDF said, "According to regulations, a soldier who maintains a religious lifestyle is entitled to grow a beard during the Omer. In this case, the solider does not observe a religious lifestyle and therefore is not entitled to this exemption."

For more about the soldier and his punishment: "Soldier jailed for growing beard"

Montana Men raised $10,000 for charity in a beard competition.

Zeus Beard shares Vegas Golden Knights and other news
"Wish kid" Henry is granted a wish from Montana Make a Wish Foundation. Photo via Instagram / @makeawishamerica

Over in Montana, brigades of bearded men raised $10K for the Montana Make-a-Wish Foundation. The foundation helps to grant wishes for kids with critical illnesses. Five men competed at Highlander Taphouse, with spectators paying five dollars to vote for their favorite beard.

It typically takes $10K to fund the wish of a kid in the Make-a-Wish program. With the Missoula Beardies fundraiser, one kid will have their wish granted.

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Zeus Beard shares Vegas Golden Knights and other news