Welcome to 2018! If you’re like us, you’re still reeling from the onslaught of holiday festivities - and maybe feeling a bit of the post-holiday blues. Don’t worry; we got you. The first Best of the Web of 2018 is packed with fun stories that’ll take your mind off going back to a normal schedule. We start with a South Wales labradoodle, Buster, whose 8-inch beard (which bears a striking resemblance to that of Brad Pitt’s) has gained him international recognition.

Then we hop over the Atlantic to Michigan, where surfer Dan Schetter wears the ultimate ice beard for a series of photos that have inspired a Photoshop battle on Reddit. And Jennifer Garner posts a bearded throwback photo (from a movie set) that has fans comparing her to Eddie Redmayne. Plus, time travel with us back to our favorite posts of 2017.

For those of you looking to catch up on more serious news you may have missed during your holiday break, a doctor trainee is fighting for his ability to wear a beard in Paris, while Prince Philip commences putting foot in mouth as he jokes that a bearded dad looks like a terrorist. 

Beard on and beard strong in 2018,

The Zeus Team


South Wales labradoodle Buster has an 8-inch scraggly beard comparable to that of Brad Pitt’s. (Daily Mail UK)

Jennifer Garner rings in the New Year with a bearded throwback photo. (InStyle)

Now THAT’s an ice beard. Surfer Dan Schetter wears an ice beard so large it obscures almost his entire face as he surfs Lake Superior in subzero temps. (Michigan Live)

A trainee doctor in France has been rejected by a Parisian hospital for having a beard. (Telegraph UK)

Prince Philip makes an ill joke during a visit to Sandringham, calling a bearded dad a terrorist. (The Sun)

A winter beard isn’t all beardsicles and fun. We get real and dish out the pros and cons of growing a beard this season. (Zeus Beard Blog)

In case you missed it: our favorite posts of 2017. (Zeus Beard Blog)