Now that we’re in prime beard-growing season, we want to welcome another guy to the (retirement) beard club: Kobe Bryant. Bryant has been sporting various types of facial hair since his retirement in April, and calls his beard the “Retired Caveman look.”

Longtime retirement beard club member David Letterman, meanwhile, explains his current wild beard situation, telling the New York Times, “I just got tired of shaving every day” and that “the beard is a good reminder to me that that was a different life.” Fair enough.

And while retirement beards seem to be a thing right now, let’s not forget about the Millennial beard trend. One Huffington Post writer speculates why they’re so popular among Gen Y.

Finally, we’re setting you up for some big occasions ahead: 10 rad Halloween costumes for bearded guys, and a primer on winter beard care.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

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