Beard parade at Golden Globes 2017

Ever since beards began their rise in popularity a few years ago, there have been naysayers claiming that we’ve reached “peak beard” and that beards will die. Well, here’s some due retribution. Business Insider is apologizing for making the claim that beards would come to an end in 2016. As evidenced by the “beard parade” at the Golden Globes – where 7 of 8 men who won a Globe had beards – facial hair is here to stay. In further entertainment news, we highly recommend checking out the hilarious Beard Hunk, SNL’s spoof of The Bachelor.

We’ve also included one of the more bizarre stories we’ve encountered at Zeus: Andrew Alexander, a clean-shaven ghost hunter, had his picture taken at Spofforth Castle in North Yorkshire, and mysteriously looks like he grew a medieval-style beard in the photo. Alexander claims the spirit of William de Percy, a bearded baron favored by William the Conqueror, did it to show he was still guarding the castle.

Finally, go behind the scenes at our on-location photo shoot in Big Bear, California.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Clean-shaven ghost hunter Andrew Alexander claims the spirit of one William the Conqueror’s favorite barons gave him a beard during an investigation. (Daily Mail UK)

Wisconsin author and pig farmer Michael Perry on why he shaved off his beard in the middle of winter – and why he’s regretting it. (Wisconsin State Journal)

Business Insider apologizes for being “very, very far off the mark” for predicting beards would die in 2016. (Business Insider)

Beards are here to stay, and so are beard care businesses that make it easier than ever to grow a beard. (Fortune)

SNL pokes fun at Bachelor Nick Viall with ‘Beard Hunk’ sketch. (US Weekly)

A 60-second time lapse video of Chris Pratt getting his Passengers beard applied (it actually took makeup artists 2 hours!). (EW)

Behind the scenes at our Big Bear photo shoot. (Zeus Beard Blog)