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It's that time again when many of us start looking ahead and setting goals for 2018. Maybe you want to burn off that lingering Thanksgiving turkey, or maybe you’d like to learn a new skill. But have you thought about your beard? As with all habits, sometimes we get stuck with a certain beard style just because it’s what we’ve always worn, and we don’t pay any mind to evaluating.

Well now’s the time. GQ takes a look at Bradley Cooper’s ever-evolving beard and hair styles to give you inspiration for switching things up. One guy who benefited from changing his look is Utah Jazz’s Ricky Rubio, once a gangly teen with matinee idol hair. Rubio talks to GQ about how emerging this season with a bushy beard - and man muscle - helped him achieve a career-high in scoring.

Or maybe you’re contemplating turning your Movember beard into a full-time beard. If you find yourself in this situation, do yourself a favor and read our blog post on the topic. Growing a beard or a yeard takes patience, but we guarantee the rewards will be well worth the wait. 

Meanwhile, students at Bringham Young University are fighting for the right to beard at all. The university has banned beards since 1960, but a petition is seeking to change that.

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