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Happy New Year!

2017 is already shaping up to be a good year for our bearded brothers. Both Detroit police officers and the NYPD can now grow beards (for religious reasons), while the Army is considering allowing men to grow beards, though testing is still being done to make sure a beard will work with protective equipment. And it’s full beard ahead for Andrew “Beef” Johnston, the English pro golfer who was told after his European Tour win at the Spanish Open that a beard was bad for his image in golf. He’s keeping his signature beard and just gained a PGA Tour card for 2017.

Also, join us on a little nostalgia trip as we take a look back at our favorite posts of 2016.

Let’s get this year started off right!

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Pro golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnston was told his beard was bad for golf. So of course he kept it. (Golf Digest)

The Army is considering allowing (trimmed) beards, nail polish, and earrings this year. (Army Times)

Ever wondered what those mall Santas do the rest of the year? Independent Record takes you behind the beard. (Independent Record)

Detroit police officers can now grow beards. (Detroit Free Press)

And so can NYPD officers, for religious reasons. (Los Angeles Times)

2016 was an epic year. Take a look back with our favorite blog posts. (Zeus Beard Blog)