Beards and sports go hand-in-hand, with playoff beards, regular season beards, and famous beards that come to define the players who wear them. Today’s Best of the Web covers beards in the trifecta: hockey, football, and basketball.

First, Fox Sports reports on a die-hard hockey fan who asks for a puck from Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid. In exchange, he vows to shave off his nearly decade-old beard. Second, Sports Illustrated does an in-depth look at James Harden's mellow life in Houston, now free from the distractions of reality show girlfriends and passive-aggressive teammates. Finally, we bid farewell to the epic beard of the New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman.

On top of all that we've included 5 bad beard habits to break now for one kick-ass beard.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Hockey fan Nick Cordell follows through on his promise to shave his beard for a puck from Connor McDavid. (Fox Sports)

Female paleontologists protest gender stereotypes in the historically male-dominated field by donning beards for a new film and photo exhibit. (Science Mag)

Grow a beard, plant a tree. Australian organization BeardsOn is asking guys to grow a beard for 90 days to raise money for ecological conservation. (Gear Junkie)

An interview with James Harden (The Beard) about his quiet road to success in Houston. (Sports Illustrated)

RIP to the beard of New England Patriots’ wide receiver, Julian Edelman. (247 Sports)

Want a respectable beard? Break these 5 beard habits now. (Zeus Beard Blog)