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If you’ve ever been questioned about why you grow a beard, bust out Newsweek’s new article, in which researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia have concluded that facial hair makes men more attractive to women. According to the researchers, the amount of facial hair women are attracted to varies based on what kind of relationship the woman is looking for, but overall, facial hair wins. Bearded men are perceived as being more sexually attractive as well as generous, sincere, industrious, and self-confident.

One recent case in point: Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is a new beardsman, thanks to his wife’s prodding.

Beyond attractiveness, beards can also be a symbol of rebellion. David Letterman stopped shaving the moment he left the Late Show two years ago, after shaving every day of his life from age 20 to 68. He goes into detail about why he’s kept his beard since in an interview with GQ.

And we wrap things up with an inspiring Beard Profile on adventure storyteller Chris Brinlee Jr., who left his cubicle job to explore the world for a living.

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