Have you ever considered doing away with the beard and just rocking a moustache for summer? That’s what Jimmy Fallon recently did on Tonight Show. A Brooklyn barber came in to take off his short beard, leaving a handlebar moustache. Moustaches are certainly more lightweight for these next few blistering months, but we dig the bearded look more for Fallon. Golfer Louis Oosthuizen has also sadly done away with his majestic beard.

Despite these losses, there’s still plenty of beard love going around. Jim Gaffigan penned a love letter to his beard on Father’s Day, and even Kratos from God of War has grown a formidable thicket.

And many Indonesian men are going so far as applying Rogaine to grow a beard. In what is perhaps the most interesting story in this week’s Best of the Web, 23-year-old Fariz Gamal started using minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) to grow a beard. His venture proved so successful that he’s now selling the treatment as a beard growth breakthrough, and even tours Indonesia to meet his “Beard Bros,” as his customers call themselves.

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