Welcome to Best of the Web, Weird News edition. The past two weeks have brought funny, strange, and outright odd beard stories to our attention. Let’s start with Captain America, who now has a beard in the new "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer. The beard supports a major plot twist, but it’s a surprising change for this usually well-to-do character.

While it’s shocking to see usually clean-shaven guys bearded for the first time, it’s even more shocking to see guys who can’t decide. Case in point? Florida resident Kevin Gibson, who was just arrested in a drug bust, has gone viral for his snowy half beard. The half beard seems to be his style, since a mug shot for last year shows the same facial hair situation.

And how does the state you live in influence the style of beard you rock? AskMen did a survey with Google Trends, and found the “ducktail beard” is most popular in Indiana, while Pennsylvania men prefer statement mutton chops.

No matter what kind of beard sits on your face, we’ve got tips to keep it worthy of Zeus himself. Check out Part 1 of our guide to caring for skin and beard by treating your body right.

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

New "Avengers: Infinity War" footage confirms a major rumor about Captain America…who also now has a beard. (Huffington Post)

According to Google Trends, “ducktail beard” is the most searched for beard style in Indiana. (IndyStar)

Arizona Coyotes’ Max Domi is shaving his beard to raise money for diabetes research. (Arizona Sports)

A half-bearded man is arrested again following a Miami drug bust. (The Smoking Gun)

A transgender female on why she decided to keep her beard. (Teen Vogue)

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