Olympians are quite the competitive bunch. After all, it’s a combination of practice, skill, and the thirst to be the best in their sport that gets them into the games. So it doesn’t surprise us that  Olympians in the Olympic Village are now competing for best beard. Started by Australian athletes Daniel Repacholi (Shooting) and Rhys Howden (Water Polo), the challenge has now evolved into its own hashtag: #beardoff.

With the great number of beards attending this year’s games, there’s no shortage of Olympic beards getting in on the action.

In other sports news, Larry David frowns upon Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard, claiming fans can’t see who they’re rooting for.

And since our summer days are numbered, we bring to you the majestic art of the beard flip. Don’t you dare end summer without it.

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Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Beards are back in a big way at the Rio Olympics, with everyone from USA rower Seth Weil to Namibia cyclist Dan Craven sporting one. (Rio 2016)

The Olympics beard is so popular, in fact, that it has its own hashtag: #beardoff, created for athletes in the Olympic Village to challenge each other’s beards. (Rio 2016 Australian Team)

We know this is fake, but it still hurts to watch: Justin Vernon of Bon Ivor appears to burn his beard off in his new music video. (Citypages)

Jets fan Larry David is NOT a fan of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard. (CBS Sports)

Summer isn’t summer without the yearly tradition of #beardflips – AKA the mermaid flip done with a beard. Here’s a “Best Of” compilation. (Esquire)

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