As summer winds down, we approach one of our favorite holidays here at Zeus: World Beard Day. Happening September 3rd, it’s a celebration of bearded men everywhere via parties, BBQs, and general leisure. Check out all the cool stuff you can do to take part in the festivities at the link below.

In other beard news, this week is rife with op-ed pieces discussing the beard vs. society. One article by the Quad-City Times asks why the beard is so popular, while the other, by Tech, says beards can make you a successful entrepreneur.

To round things off, we’re detailing the exact steps you need to take daily to maintain a healthy, soft beard, because nothing sucks more than beard itch.

With that, read on for this week’s beard news!

Beard On,

The Zeus Team

Let’s give a warm welcome to a newly bearded brother: Australian actor Joel Edgerton, who just stepped out with a bushy beard. (Daily Mail UK)

According to this author, men grow beards in response to shifting gender roles. (Quad-City Times)

A beard and moustache competition in Canberra, Australia raised funds for a good cause – Lifeline Canberra, which provides life-saving calls to those at risk of suicide and mental illness. (ABC AU)

The 7 weird beard products you’ll never need. Beard jewelry? No thanks. (Men’s Journal)

Having a beard can make you a more successful entrepreneur. (Tech)

…But to get there, you’ll need a strong beard first. Read our daily and weekly layout of a proper beard care routine. (Zeus Beard Blog)

Ideas for celebrating World Beard Day this Saturday. (World Beard Day)